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Medical Care for Parents who Love Traveling

  My mother has been an avid traveler since my brother and I were young. You could never really tell where she and my father would take us when we were younger and as we got older, the travel continued. Even after my father passed away, my mother continued to travel. However, once she was diagnosed with her illness, we were afraid that her travel days were coming to an end. She was certainly upset my brother and I just weren’t able to come up with a solution until my ... Read More

Ensuring the Comforts of Home Health Care

When we found out about our father’s diagnosis, we knew that it was a matter of time before he would need around the clock care, and we began looking at options such as local nursing homes. It really broke my heart though that dad would be in a nursing home. I knew he needed the care that a nursing home would provide, but I also knew that he would be unable to keep up on his passion of cooking. Dad was a chef in the army and cooked for high ranking officials. He never lost ... Read More

The Costs of Home Care and Institutional Care

If you are not acquainted with the average costs associated with home care, it is important to be informed on the average costs. By knowing these figures, you are better able to gauge quality in home care for the elderly for the right price. It is important to note that medical home care services are more expensive than non medical in home care for the elderly because of the expertise needed to perform these special services. Since nurses, therapists, and registered nursing ... Read More

Who Pays for Long-Term Home Health Aides

While keeping elderly relatives at home has been shown to dramatically improve quality of life in most cases, paying for home health aides can be very difficult.  Homecare agencies can cost upwards of $35 an hour for non-medical related care.  In many cases, home bound patients only need very intermittent nursing care, but more frequent care from home health aides.  Unfortunately, Medicare will only pay to cover sixty days worth of in home care.  Home health aides perform ... Read More

Paying for Home Health Services

There are several instances where you can get Medicare home health care services with little to no out of pocket costs.  If the patient in question meets all four of the following criteria, Medicare home health care services are available. A Doctor must order home health services and draw up a care plan. The patient must need some type of medical care from a specialist, such as part-time nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, or speech therapy. The ... Read More

Paying for In Home Care with PACE and Medicare

A senior that needs long-term home care may exhaust the traditional Medicare payments.  Since Medicare is only designed to home care services for a short period of time, a senior or their family will have to pay increasing costs out of pocket. For many seniors paying the costs for the home care they need can empty savings accounts and eventually require them to do what they can to qualify for Medicaid.  This may require selling their home or other assets and paying Medicaid ... Read More

How Should Seniors Plan for the Future?

There are a lot of decisions that need to be made in regards to planning for the future. While retirement seems to be what the majority of people worry about, elderly home care should be what they are worried about. The cost of residing in nursing homes  and elderly homes have been on the rise, and with the average person not even owning their home anymore it can be rather difficult to take in a loved one and provide elderly care in their own home. This is why many people have ... Read More

How to Pay for Home Care Services

In home care for the elderly is what many families and seniors prefer, allowing the elderly to age at home.  However due to the expense involved in paying visiting nurses, nurses aides, and other home health services, at home healthcare can be too expensive for a senior’s family to afford out of pocket.  With the average live span of an elderly person being well into the 80’s it is not surprising that the majority of the elderly would require some sort of in home care or visiting... Read More

5 Important Home Care Questions

When choosing a non medical in home care agency for your elderly loved one, it is very important to ask the right questions before agreeing on elder care services. In many states anyone can become a caretaker, start a non medical in home care business, and provide elder care services without a license. For your protection it is essential to find a reputable in home care agency. Here is a list of five vital questions you must ask before hiring a non medical in home care agency... Read More

Guide to Non-Medical Home Care Services

A live in caregiver treating an elderly client aging at home should consider nonmedical care options. Although most family, friends, or volunteers can offer support at times, a live in caregiver knows that a patient aging at home will be in their care for long amounts of time. Because of this, it is important to know about nonmedical home care options that can assist you. The list of nonmedical services for elderly patients aging at home is thankfully an extensive one, and ... Read More

Services Covered in Non-Medical Home Care?

Unlike medical home care, non medical home care offers help and support for the elderly for activities for daily living (ADLs). Most of these forms of senior care involve maintaining a home setting that may have been hampered due to illness. They are not geared specifically to restoring physical health. Instead, non medical home care strives to keep the home setting as stress-free as possible despite its everyday stresses. Some of the services offered through non medical home... Read More

Non-Medical Senior services

There are a whole host of non-medical senior services that help those caring for the aged.  Caring for the aged can be very difficult for the many families that don’t want to relegate their loved one to nursing homes, but either work full time or live hundreds of miles away.  Long-Term Care  is something that many people need to look into as their loved ones age. Because caring for the aged long-term can be so difficult for family members, there are a range of senior services ... Read More

How to Choose a Non Medical Home Care Provider

  Choosing a non medical home care provider can be a daunting task.  Finding a care provider who can provide the services that the senior needs is the most important priority.  Unique concerns can arise when hiring a non medical care provider.  There are no certifications for non medical caregivers unlike the requirements for medical home care providers.  Concerns about the safety of the senior and other family members that live in the same household inevitably arise... Read More

Medical Home Care Services

  Medical home health care or medical in home care provides various medical caregiving in the home of those who need medical care. Usually medical home health care service is provided by a home health care agency. Generally the home health care agency is licensed and certified by Medicare. It is important to verify the home health care agency you are working with is properly licensed and has Medicare certification in order to receive Medicare benefits for medical ... Read More

Who’s Who in Medical Home Care?

With medical in home care, there are many different medical personnel available to provide home health services. It is helpful to understand the different roles of the care providers who may visit your elderly loved one’s home. Here is a list of the different types of care providers available for medical in home care. Medical Doctor (MD): Medical doctors play an important role by prescribing medical in home care for your elderly loved one. They also develop a plan for... Read More

Home Care Questions to Ask

If you are looking for a home health care agency (aka medical in home care) for your elderly loved one because his or her physician prescribed home health care services by a medically skilled care provider, most likely those services will be paid by Medicare. To ensure proper health care services and coverage by Medicare, it is important to find a qualified home health care agency. Here are 5 important questions you must ask the home health care agency to ensure proper health... Read More