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Home Care Financial Assistance

Much of home health care is covered by Medicare to help seniors recovering from an injury or acute illness.  However, seniors that have a chronic medical condition often need some form of long-term home health care to help manage their disease and receive treatments that can only be provided through a skilled nursing service. Costs of Home Care The limitation of Medicare coverage can often leave seniors without the health care they need to remain as healthy as possible in... Read More

Changes to Long Term Care

Over the past two years, there have been significant changes to laws that affect health care.  The federal government passed the affordable care act.  There has been a lot of debate and discussion about the effect this law would have on programs like Medicare and Medicaid and has become a political hot button issue.   CLASS Program One of the most controversial programs, that was part of the Affordable Care Act, was the CLASS program.  The CLASS program was created to ... Read More

Home Health Care Goals and Expectations

Seniors coping with a variety of health conditions use home health care.  Seniors that suffer from a chronic disease that limits their ability to manage their health on their own or requires medical treatments that only a nurse can provide.  Seniors that are recovering from an injury or sudden illness may also need home health care services to help them heal properly and recover some of the abilities they lost due to an injury or illness.  The goal of home healthcare is to ... Read More

Services Provided in Non-Medical Home Care

Non medical home care provides a wide range of caregiving that is not considered as skilled medical care. Typically these services do not require special qualifications. The type of care giver is supportive and custodial. The amount of caregiving is flexible and can be easily tailored to your loved one’s needs. Caregiving can range from a few hours a week to having a full time live in caregiver. Here is a list of some of the caregiving generally provided in non medical home ... Read More

Home Health Care for Seniors: Vital Sign Monitoring

Home health care for seniors is more common than ever, and the demand for home care services is expected to increase dramatically over the next two decades as more of the baby boomer generation ages. Seniors and the elderly make up the fastest growing segment of the American population. As a result, more seniors are living longer with chronic diseases than ever before. A critical part of managing chronic diseases and home health care is the careful monitoring of a senior’s vital ... Read More