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Strong Family Connections and Home Care

When our mom was diagnosed with her illness, we knew that it would only be a matter of time before she would need full time medical care. We began, like most people do, by looking at nursing homes and assisted living complexes in our area, but we live in a rural place, so the closest nursing homes were quite far from family, which we held above everything else. Once we considered family, we knew that we really only had one choice: we would choose to keep mom at home and hire... Read More

Choosing A Wellness Check for Your Parents

  My parents were getting older and I lived 400 miles away. I was always worried that something would happen to them and since I was so far away, I wouldn’t be able to make it to them on time. I was also worried that they were not taking care of themselves as they should. While pondering this at work one day, one of my co-workers clued me into some of the service that her mother’s in home care company offered.  I explained that my parents were still rather spry ... Read More

How We Chose Home Care

I know what you are going through. I have been there. I am an only child and my mom passed away several years ago. When my father became diagnosed with a terminal illness, I had to make a choice. I knew a nursing home was an option and I went and visited several of them, yet I just didn’t feel comfortable leaving Dad there. He wasn’t keen on it either, if truth be told. Our only choice was to choose a provider who would be able to care for Dad at home. How We Found ... Read More

Affording Home Health Care For Our Mother

My sister and I were shocked when out mother was diagnosed with a terminal illness and we were even more shocked when we found out how much her medical care would cost. We spoke with our mother about the options that were available to her and she simply begged us not to put her in a nursing home. We knew that home health care was our only choice. Once that was decided, it was time to figure out how we were going to pay for it. Knowing Our Options The first thought we had ... Read More

Services For Medical Home Care

Medical in home health care can offer your help with caregiving in a variety of forms for you or your loved one depending on your individual needs. This article will offer a brief run-through of the different types of medical in home health care you can receive once you gain doctor approval. Specific Services for Medical In Home Health Care: Specialized Nursing Care Registered Nurses, or RNs, are the only caregiving specialists who can explicitly offer you medical in ... Read More

A Guide to Home Health Care

There are varieties of home healthcare agency services available to seniors who need home healthcare after an illness or injury.  Depending on what type medical services a senior may need, there may be many different healthcare personnel involved in the senior’s day-to-day care at home. Home Health Nurse A home health nurse is the primary person responsible for administering medical treatments.  A home healthcare agency nurse can be either a registered nurse (RN) or a ... Read More

How to Decide on Senior Housing Options

  Aging at home, senior independent living, senior assisted living, and nursing home care are some of the options available for senior housing. These senior housing options cater to the many needs that change as you age. Many seniors choose aging at home, or aging in place, where they can continue to live in their homes and receive in home care when caregiving is needed. Others choose senior independent living where they live in retirement communities and receive ... Read More

Care Giver Guide: Finding A Home Nurse

Hiring a home nurse care giver is an excellent option for a person that wants their loved one to live with them for as long as possible. If you can afford it, a home nurse as a care giver can take care of just about anything you can think of for senior citizens or just help you out when things get too overwhelming The most direct way to find a home nurse care giver is just hire someone to come in and care for your loved one for extended amounts of time. This is more ... Read More

Medical Social Workers in Home Care

Elderly services professionals at homecare agencies recognize the value of medical social workers. These individuals are available to provide critical elderly services and assist families in their changing needs resulting from a loved one’s medical condition. This field of homecare agencies can also provide emotional support and assistance in long term care, as well as give information on homecare agencies and elderly services around the community. What Home Care Agencies Do... Read More

Home Care Decision Making

  In home care has to be an informed decision. A care provider, a person who is responsible for a senior that is generally a family member or close friend, cannot simply decide that in home care assistance is needed and expect to receive the  elderly home care services necessary. A care provider has to talk to a medical specialist first.  Often, a care provider will be given the information necessary for caring for a senior by a personal physician. A care provider ... Read More

Advice for Hiring Home Care Aide

Whether you choose to hire an independent caregiver or one sent from an agency there are a few universal rules that apply to hiring a caregiver. These tips will help make the choice an easier affair to deal with. Interview candidates before hiring You will want to meet the potential caregiver who you are hiring to help you, even if the caregiver is from an agency. You will want to make sure that it is a right fit. Interview at least several candidates before hiring and if... Read More

Choosing Your Home Care Services

Once you have decided to stay at home and use at home care services, it is time to chose an at home service. What service or care giver you pick should be based on your medical, social and daily life activity needs. What follows are some tips and advice on looking for home care services or caregivers. Home health care agencies Agencies can be a great benefit to you when searching for at home care services. Agencies normally provide pre-screened caregivers and at home ... Read More

Seeking Out Senior Care

As the average age in America continues to rise in in home senior care has seen a recent explosion. Many care providers continue to pop up to meet the pending demand in the coming years. With so many to choose from, though, which one should you or your loved one pick? An especially important point to consider is that, with demand ever increasing, the number of professionals without proper qualifications continues to rise as well. Picking out the right care provider can ... Read More

Planning for Home Health Care

  Home health services are often necessary for seniors as they age.  Seniors are often faced with the possibility of losing independence and having to rely on others to do household tasks.  This can be difficult to think about or discuss with family, so it is easy to understand why many seniors may put off thinking or planning how they want to be cared for if they are no longer able to care for themselves.  A senior who prefers to receive home health services instead... Read More

How to Find Home Healthcare Services

Most caretakers know that anyone that they are providing elderly care for really values their independent living. Few people have the time or the energy to provide elderly care to an individual 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is what leads many caregivers to search for home healthcare services, which is a growing industry (according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics) as people realize that this often costs far less than in-clinic care. Fortunately, there are a lot of home ... Read More

How to Find a Home Healthcare Agency

If you are in need of in home care to help with the elderly care that you need to provide to a loved one you will find that there are many facilities that help provide the in home care that you need. A lot of people do not realize the immense amount of work that is involved with caring for a senior citizen, and how it can truly take both an emotional as well as a physical toll on an individual. This is why home healthcare agencies were established. These agencies are made up of ... Read More

Aging at Home Requires Care and Assistance

Aging at home is something that many aspire to do.  Homecare agencies are there to provide care to those that prefer aging at home.  For many, the decision to contact homecare agencies is a long and difficult one.  It feels humiliating to admit that you can’t take care of yourself anymore.  Aging at home forces you to confront the fact that you may need help long before you are bedridden.  If you are unsure about contacting homecare agencies to provide in home care for ... Read More

The Differences Between Medical and Non-Medical Senior Home Care

  For those starting to seek senior home care, the differences between medical and non medical home care may seem confusing at first. Which services fall under which category? Which specific home care services do I need? How do I choose what I need? This article hopes to clear up some of that confusion and give you a better idea about the differences between these different home care services. A Doctor's Orders The main difference between medical and non-medical home ... Read More