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Medical Care for Parents who Love Traveling

  My mother has been an avid traveler since my brother and I were young. You could never really tell where she and my father would take us when we were younger and as we got older, the travel continued. Even after my father passed away, my mother continued to travel. However, once she was diagnosed with her illness, we were afraid that her travel days were coming to an end. She was certainly upset my brother and I just weren’t able to come up with a solution until my ... Read More

Ensuring the Comforts of Home Health Care

When we found out about our father’s diagnosis, we knew that it was a matter of time before he would need around the clock care, and we began looking at options such as local nursing homes. It really broke my heart though that dad would be in a nursing home. I knew he needed the care that a nursing home would provide, but I also knew that he would be unable to keep up on his passion of cooking. Dad was a chef in the army and cooked for high ranking officials. He never lost ... Read More