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How to Get a Parent to Stop Driving

Editor's Note: This article was written by Amy Alvord, a co-owner of the Douglasville, GA caregiving service  Better off at Home.  Better off at Home strives to give "home healthcare with a personal touch for those you love most".  You may contact Amy at   Enjoy!     Driving is typically considered a significant part of independent living. But the ability to drive safely decreases with age. So, there comes a time when families are ... Read More

How To Choose The Best Home Care Agency

I assume if you are reading this, you are in the situation I was in a few years ago. My elderly mother had a multitude of health problems and as an only child, I knew it would be my responsibility to get care for her as she aged. My dad had passed away several years before, so I really was on my own. My mom and I had discussed a few options, but both of us were really focused on in home health care. After a relatively easy decision, the hard part began: choosing the best in home ... Read More

How to Pay for Home Health Care

When you are thinking about in home health care for your senior parent, if you are anything like I was, you will certainly have to consider how you were going to pay for this type of care. I will be was really overwhelming and my brother and I really had no idea how we were going to pay for it. We knew that our dad had a little bit of money put away for a “just in case” moment, but here we were at that moment and we really had no idea where to start. Thankfully a ... Read More

Why Home Care Was Perfect for My Parents

I knew my parents were getting older and since I was an only child, I also knew that a lot of their care would fall to me as they got older. Though they were both retired and living at home, I began to notice that they were both slowing down. It was taking them a long time to do simple things like cooking, personal care and keeping up on the housekeeping.  I thought an assisted living situation may be best for them, but both my mother and father refused. They wanted to stay in ... Read More

Home Care: Patient's Rights

Medical home care is subject to federal regulations to help ensure the quality of medical care that seniors receive in their homes.  While patient’s rights are usually provided to seniors and their families when hiring a home care agency there are often more urgent concerns that lead to seniors not reading or having the time to understand their rights prior to hiring a medical home care provider or agency. Federal Home Care Patient’s Rights Medical home care providers ... Read More

How to Find the Right Home Care Provider

If a senior loved one needs help safely performing tasks like bathing, cooking, and basic housekeeping duties, it may time to discuss hiring a home care service or provider.  There are many ways to start the process of finding the right care provider for a senior.  This may include speaking with their physicians to determine the type of care they would benefit from as well as speaking with other members of the community to get recommendations of care providers or agencies. ... Read More

The Realities of Long-term Home Care

Many seniors and their families do not realize how expensive long-term care can be even when using home care services and informal family care arrangements.  According to Mass Mutual Financial Group the average annual cost of a private nursing home was over $75,000 in 2006, and according to CNN Money the average cost of four hours a day of home care is almost $40,000 a year. Unless a senior has been planning for the eventuality of having to pay for their own health care as an ... Read More

Companionship Care for Seniors

The elderly that are no longer able to leave their home when they want to visit family and friends can become lonely and depressed.  Friends and family often do their best to meet the emotional needs of the seniors they are close to by visiting often.  However, many seniors may find that they spend a larger portion of their time alone then they would prefer.  Companionship care can help alleviate some of the loneliness that too many of the elderly population experiences when they... Read More