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Choosing Home Care For Your Loved One

There may be a time in your life where you will need to consider in home care for an elderly loved on, such as a parent or even a partner. When it comes to this, I know the decision can be difficult. I have gone through it myself and in our situation, we were able to find a lot of great resources out there which helped us choose the perfect in home care for our elderly parent. The choices available are overwhelming and if you are anything like I was, you will have ... Read More

Home Care and Living Wills

Living wills can be a difficult subject to discuss with an elderly loved one.  No one wants to think about the day that a loved one will die.  Living wills and advanced directives are documents that detail the amount of care a person would want to receive if they were unable to communicate there wishes at the time.  They are intensely personal decisions, but they need to be communicated clearly in order for those decisions to be honored. The Purpose of a Living Will The... Read More

Home Health Care vs. Non-Medical Care

Everyone wants their elderly loved ones to have the best care possible, but sometimes that can be hard to find or even to determine if they are getting the best senior care possible once you have decided on a solution. Many people look into providing in home care for their loved ones, but then become confused about the difference between in home care and home health care. While home health care and in home care are able to provide some of the same assistance they actually are ... Read More

Medical Home Care: Recovering After Hospitalization

Medical home care is often arranged for seniors before discharging them from a hospital. A senior that is recovering after a hospitalization may need nurses and other types of care to get well.  The senior may be well enough to leave a hospital, but they may not be well enough to take care of their medical needs on their own. Hospitals are often the facilities that make the diagnosis of a chronic disease. Medical home care is often the best option to help a senior adjust to the ... Read More