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Home Care Preparation Strategies

Everyone has a different preparation strategy for providing in-home care to their elderly loved ones. There are many very important things to remember when creating a plan; after all, someone’s personal well-being may be at risk if certain factors are not considered. Here is a list of some techniques that can assure that your loved one receives the best home care possible. Take Advantage of Technology Since technology’s main motive in society is to better human life, why ... Read More

Scam Opens Eyes to Fraud in Seniors

Caregiving is a burgeoning business and an optimal option for senior care, but like all businesses, it is not without those who attempt to cheat the system. In the Lehigh Valley area of the Northeastern United States, a group of four men went around to various senior citizens living at home and talked them into signing contracts for future services, which never ended up being provided. Over 200 seniors were roped into the fraudulent scheme, and thousands of dollars were lost. The... Read More

New Alzheimer's Program Available for Family Use

Alzheimer’s is one of the most serious and prominent diseases that can commonly afflict senior citizens. Recently, however, it has come to light that it be easily and thoroughly treated by family members and home caregivers. Home Instead Senior Care revealed on May 15 that they were going forward with the online program Alzheimer’s CARE, which outlines methods in which family members and caregivers can provide home care to their Alzheimer’s-stricken loved ones or patients. It... Read More

Getting Seniors into Cyberspace

There are always going to be people who need a little help learning technology, especially when it comes to those who did not grow up with the technology of today’s age. However, technology’s main purpose in the world is to make life more convenient for the people living it. Therefore, when it comes to the topic of seniors and technology, it would make sense for seniors to embrace the increased comforts that technology can provide. Still, with much of today’s technological ... Read More

Department of Labor Helps Home Health Aides

With caregiving and personal health care looking to become the two most rapidly expanding careers nationwide in the next decade, the federal government is looking into providing workers within these occupations with the resources necessary to live a healthy and fulfilling life. A May 16 proposal by The Department of Labor included provisions for home care aides, such as minimum wage requirements as well as increased pay for overtime work. With the elderly population ... Read More

Improving Home Care with Technology

Seniors often prefer living out their twilight years at home instead of at nursing homes, given the substantially greater independence gained from the former. So if you know of an elderly friend who has chosen this style of living, why not help them have the best possible experience while they’re at it? Recent technological advances have allowed senior citizens to have a much better and more comfortable home care. They can also provide them with a greater feeling of overall ... Read More

Prepare for Home Care

As an employment specialist in San Francisco, Julie Baldocchi had no experience or knowledge when it came to providing senior care. When her mother suddenly had a massive stroke in July though, she was suddenly immersed in her care and was caught completely off-guard at the responsibility. “I was flying by the seat of my pants,” she said, but she decided to take on the task anyway because she wasn’t willing to put her mother in a home as the hospital had recommended. Instead, she... Read More

Preparing for Dementia Care

If you or a loved one has recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or some other form of dementia, you are probably dealing with a lot of emotions right now.  When the shock of the diagnosis has passed though, it’s important to take this time to begin preparing for the progression of the illness.  By taking the time to prepare, you can make the process easier and the loved ones who end up providing senior care for someone with dementia will be able to deal with that process ... Read More

Tips for Alzheimer's In-Home Care

If you’ve decided to take on the challenge of providing in-home care for a loved one suffering from Alzheimer’s, you know you have a tough road ahead of you. As the disease progresses, understanding how to deal with your loved one’s needs can become confusing. The illness can cause people to be frustrated, angry, and sad, which are difficult emotions to deal with on a daily basis. Knowing what to expect and preparing for these situations is important. There are also a few things ... Read More

Home Care and Independence

Many seniors these days are opting for in-home care<span style="white-space: pre-wrap"> instead of facility care and they have good reason.  They want to stay in the homes and communities they know and love as long as possible, instead of spending their golden years in an unfamiliar facility.  This allows them to maintain some level of independence and to keep the comforts they’ve worked so hard throughout their lives to enjoy.  While they may eventually need some assistance for... Read More

Need Help with Senior Care?

With so many seniors living with their kids during their elderly years, many of their now adult children have become their caregivers.  Home care has become a popular choice.  It allows families to save money and to spend more time together.  Unfortunately, though, as seniors age, in-home care can become more difficult, especially when proper medical expertise or 24 hour supervision is needed.  For those who do not have this expertise or who cannot stay home with their aging ... Read More

Housing Developments Adapt to Senior Care Trends

Some cultures have included multiple generations in their homes for centuries, in America though, it has only recently become a trend.  Many seniors are opting for in-home care opposed to other more expensive senior care homes in an effort to save money and to be close to their loved ones.  Their children, as well as their grandchildren, may also need to group up to save money due to the bad economy.  This is causing architects to rethink the way they design family housing ... Read More

Home Care Gets Attention from Woman Walking Across Country

Teri Swezey is no stranger to taking care of an elderly parent.  In fact, she provided home care for her mother, who had dementia, for three years before she died in 2010.  After going through such a difficult experience, she wants others who are caring for elderly parents to get recognized for all the time and effort they’re giving to their family.  In order to do this, she is walking across America, from Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina, all the way to Cambria, ... Read More

Home Care Challenges for Sandwich Generation

According to NPR a record number of families are now made up of parents, adult children, young children, and grandparents, all living under one roof.  For the parents who own the home, they face unique challenges when it comes to finances and home care responsibilities.  During a recent show regarding “Family Matters,” they had caller after caller describing their multigenerational family situations.  Many were living in homes designed for only a few people, and were working to ... Read More

Call for More Spending on Senior Home Care

Although the last generation spent most of their senior care money on nursing homes, today’s senior generations are asking for more of that money to go to in-home senior care and senior homes instead.  In Michigan, senior citizens feel that spending 80 percent of senior care dollars on nursing homes isn’t in keeping with the choices that most modern seniors are making.  Instead of spending their final years in nursing homes, many now prefer to stay at home.  Of course, with the ... Read More

Paying for Home Care with Medicare

There are many complicated rules when it comes to getting Medicare, but families can save money by using Medicare to pay for in-home senior care.  When a senior needs medical assistance, the cost of paying for that assistance can be intimidating.  There’s no reason families need to go into debt in order to care for their loved ones though.  Medicare will pay for up 35 hours each week for nursing care.  Of course, the patient does need to meet certain requirements in order to ... Read More

How We Found At-Home Treatment for Dad

We were all quite shocked when our elderly and otherwise healthy father was diagnosed with terminal cancer three years ago. Though we were saddened, my sister and I immediately went into care mode and really catered to our dad’s every need. However, after a few months of watching Dad’s health decline before our eyes, we knew that we wouldn’t be able to handle his care for much longer and we would have to put him into a care home. As we began telling our friends and ... Read More

How We Chose Home Care for Mom

  When my brother called to tell me that Mom had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, I definitely tried to be strong. I knew about Alzheimer’s and I knew what it would do to her. I also knew that we would have to find a solution for her care as the disease progressed. Both of my brothers traveled for work, so I was the only one of Mom’s kids who was around and able to give her a lot of care. After my brothers and I met for dinner to discuss a plan, we knew there was only ... Read More