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Reasons to Choose Home Care

It may be a difficult choice deciding to elicit the help of an outside organization when it comes to the care of a loved one, but often, it’s for the best. Caregiver burnout is a very real symptom that can happen to family members who have been the sole source of provision for too long. Professional care offers the ability to take care of special needs that family members are not often able to while assisting with some of the routine duties of housework and daily care. Often, ... Read More

Home Care and Independence

Many seniors these days are opting for in-home care<span style="white-space: pre-wrap"> instead of facility care and they have good reason.  They want to stay in the homes and communities they know and love as long as possible, instead of spending their golden years in an unfamiliar facility.  This allows them to maintain some level of independence and to keep the comforts they’ve worked so hard throughout their lives to enjoy.  While they may eventually need some assistance for... Read More

How We Chose Home Care

I know what you are going through. I have been there. I am an only child and my mom passed away several years ago. When my father became diagnosed with a terminal illness, I had to make a choice. I knew a nursing home was an option and I went and visited several of them, yet I just didn’t feel comfortable leaving Dad there. He wasn’t keen on it either, if truth be told. Our only choice was to choose a provider who would be able to care for Dad at home. How We Found ... Read More

Affording Home Health Care For Our Mother

My sister and I were shocked when out mother was diagnosed with a terminal illness and we were even more shocked when we found out how much her medical care would cost. We spoke with our mother about the options that were available to her and she simply begged us not to put her in a nursing home. We knew that home health care was our only choice. Once that was decided, it was time to figure out how we were going to pay for it. Knowing Our Options The first thought we had ... Read More

Why Home Care Was Perfect for My Parents

I knew my parents were getting older and since I was an only child, I also knew that a lot of their care would fall to me as they got older. Though they were both retired and living at home, I began to notice that they were both slowing down. It was taking them a long time to do simple things like cooking, personal care and keeping up on the housekeeping.  I thought an assisted living situation may be best for them, but both my mother and father refused. They wanted to stay in ... Read More

How to Find the Right Home Care Provider

If a senior loved one needs help safely performing tasks like bathing, cooking, and basic housekeeping duties, it may time to discuss hiring a home care service or provider.  There are many ways to start the process of finding the right care provider for a senior.  This may include speaking with their physicians to determine the type of care they would benefit from as well as speaking with other members of the community to get recommendations of care providers or agencies. ... Read More

Medical Home Care: Recovering After Hospitalization

Medical home care is often arranged for seniors before discharging them from a hospital. A senior that is recovering after a hospitalization may need nurses and other types of care to get well.  The senior may be well enough to leave a hospital, but they may not be well enough to take care of their medical needs on their own. Hospitals are often the facilities that make the diagnosis of a chronic disease. Medical home care is often the best option to help a senior adjust to the ... Read More

Helping Move Into A Nursing Home

  There may come a time when your loved one needs nursing home care and no longer able to live independently. The reason for going into nursing home care may be because the scope of specialized medical caregiving calls for intensive medical care around the clock. Deciding to go into nursing home care is a very personal matter that should be carefully planned together with your elderly loved one. You should go over all other caregiving alternatives such as in home ... Read More

Types of Senior Living Facilities

  There are a number of reasons why a person may choose to stay in a senior assisted living facility. There is as many senior assisted living facilities as there are reasons to be in one. The majority of facility residents are those that need 24-hour-supervision and care. This includes individuals who need medicine management and those affected by a dementia-like Alzheimer's disease. Here are some of the facilities that you choose from when considering senior ... Read More

Explore the Benefits of Elderly Home Care

When considering the different methods of caring for aging relatives, a live in care giver definitely must be considered.  Elderly home care can be difficult with even the most active of elderly relatives, but for those that are house bound or worse, bedridden, it can be impossible for families to provide within their own home.  When providing long-term elderly home care is no longer practical, or in the best interest of the aging individual, many people leap to a nursing home as... Read More

Providing At Home Care is a Big Job

For many people, the question of how to best care for elderly relatives is a difficult one and providing at home care seems impossible.  Nursing homes, unless you can afford the very expensive fees for a nice privately run home, often don’t provide the level of care that many elderly patients require.  Nursing homes are crowded and staff members are overworked.  As a result patients are overlooked unless they are loud and obnoxious.  Making the decision to provide at home care is ... Read More

What Are the Advantages of In Home Care?

In home care provides a myriad of advantages by receiving caregiving at home. Being able to live in the home you love is one significant advantage of in home care. When AARP surveyed American seniors, an astounding eighty-nine percent said they preferred to age at home as long as possible. In addition to being able to age at home, in home care offers many additional advantages. Some of the advantages of in home care include: Flexibility: In home care is the most flexible ... Read More

Why Use an In Home Care Agency?

  When searching for in home care for your elderly loved one, you might have considered the option to privately hire a care giver to provide caregiving for your elderly loved one. While this may seem like a good idea, there are several important factors you should consider before hiring a care giver outside of an in home care agency. Background check: When hiring a care giver to provide in home care, it is important to have substantial background checks done ... Read More

Benefits of Aging at Home

Among seniors, aging at home (aka aging in place) is the most desirable way of aging. Since most caregiving needs can be met through in home care services, most seniors can choose aging at home. AARP survey shows the preference of aging at home becomes more prevalent as age increases. The survey shows that 75% of those between the ages 45 to 54 prefer aging at home. 83% of those 55 to 64 prefer aging at home. 92% of those between the ages 65 to 74 prefer aging at home. And 95% of... Read More

Independent Living for Seniors

Senior independent living is a general health care services term used for any arrangements made specifically for the elderly. The primary benefit to senior independent living is that it’s friendlier for the elderly, but there are other things that work in its favor. Compared to other health care services, senior independent living facilities tend to be easier to get around, more compact, and often include help with outside maintenence. Some senior independent living centers ... Read More

Caregiver Support: Is Companion Care For You?

If you’re providing caregiver support for a loved one but they don’t need serious medical attention, companion care is an option you should consider. Also known as non-medical care, companion care is exactly what it sounds like. Preparing meals, housekeeping, bathroom assistance, shopping, reading and playing games are but some of the many caregiver support services that this kind of position entails. Experienced Caregivers Ann Sanders has plenty of experience in ... Read More

What Are the Advantages of Receiving Home Health Care?

Making a decision as to the type of care an elderly person needs, such as assisted living or more specifically at home health care, is never easy.  However, as people get older they may need the kind of assistance that only the consistent help of a trained professional can provide.  The standard for elderly assisted living has been nursing home care, but that in no way means that it is the best solution.  Advances in medical technology and geriatric care have made home assisted ... Read More

The Advantages of In Home Care Services

In recent years, there has been a shift in adult care. Many primary caregivers have been forced to look elsewhere for help due to their work schedules and financial commitments. With this trend continuing to grow, in home care services have become a virtual necessity for some seeking adult care. For those who are not comfortable with the idea of living in a nursing home or retirement facility, in home care services can offer a cheaper and more comfortable alternative. In ... Read More

Senior Assisted Living versus Independent Living

Contemplating senior assisted living facilities or senior independent living is not a pleasant task, but waiting until they are a necessity is even worse.  Don’t wait until you have no other options to begin drafting your plan for caregiving during your old age.  The longer you wait to make decisions about the lifestyle you would like to lead, the fewer options you will have.  Take some time and consider the following questions if you are a senior citizen: What is your ... Read More

Why Choose Home Health Services?

There are quite a lot of options when it comes to caring for an elderly parent. Many people choose to do it themselves, but other may not have the ability to do so. It seems that many more elderly people are begin suffering from dementia. Dementia can cause its own set of issues on top of all the other problems with trying to provide eldercare to a senior citizen or elderly person. Dementia sufferers cannot all be lumped into a single category. Some elderly people only have ... Read More

The Benefits of Having Home Healthcare

Home healthcare services can be quite beneficial to senior citizens in need. Home healthcare services allow senior citizens that would normally be stuck in a hospital or rehabilitation center to come home and finish their treatment in the comfort of their own home. Many doctors have discovered that when senior citizens are in their everyday surroundings they tend to have a better disposition for treatment. Home healthcare services are the perfect solution for helping to get senior... Read More

Advantage of Home Health Care

The home health services industry is continuing to grow year to year.  As more of the population reaches retirement age, the services available to the sick and elderly to enable them to remain in their homes as they age are also continuing to grow.  In a 2010 survey by AARP of 1,616 participants age 45 and older almost 75% of the participants stated that they would prefer to remain in their homes as long as possible as they age.   This is not a surprising statistic for care ... Read More

Types of Home Health Care

  Home health care can provide all the necessary care for a senior.  Often the care needed by a senior is very specific and the care of an untrained professional is not enough.  In light of such a fact there are a number of home elderly home care workers that can better assist a senior should he or she need more specific care that can be provided via a home health care agency.  Elderly home care workers come from a range of backgrounds and offer both medical and ... Read More

Cost Comparison of Senior Care Services

When deciding on senior care services, it is important to look at all different factors to find the best match for your elderly loved one. Would getting in home care make more sense or would a nursing home be a better match? Here is a cost comparison list of different senior care services available for your elderly loved one. The data is based on Genworth’s 2011 Cost of Care Survey.  One advantage of home care over nursing home care is that in-home care is much cheaper. ... Read More

Recent Changes to Medicare and Home Care

Live in care has continued to rise in recent years because of the increasingly expensive costs of nursing home facilities. Live in care, on the other hand, has seen only small steady rises. As such, it has become a cheaper alternative for elder care that allows for both flexibility and independence. Yet despite its cheaper costs, it may not always be incredibly cheap. Medicare and Live-in Care in the Past A major help for those seeking elder care has been Medicare. ... Read More

What Elderly Care Home Options are Available?

  Not everyone can afford a live in caregiver for the senior citizens in their family. While individuals may not be able to afford a live in caregiver it does not mean that they do not want the senior citizens in their family to have the best care possible. While many senior citizens treasure their independent living it is not always possible to keep it that way, and if a live in caregiver is out of the question there are many other elderly care home options available to ... Read More

In Home Care Services: A Look At Senior Assisted Living

In home care services offered with senior assisted living are something that should be seriously considered as your loved one gets older. While the concept of senior assisted living is nothing new now, there was a time when in home care services were not as widely utilized for mainstream use. About Assisted Living Senior assisted living as most people know it emerged in the 1990s as an in home option for the elderly. For many of the individuals, independent living simply ... Read More