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Labor Negotiations Good for Senior Care

Labor leaders are putting their hopes on a proposal, this is expected to be sent to California Governor Jerry Brown as part of the State’s current labor negotiations. The proposal would hopefully lead to better wages for California’s 423,000 in-home care workers by creating a new state authority to negotiate all future pay of caregivers. The law would take the responsibility of negotiating with In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) away from the counties and give it to a board ... Read More

How to Get a Parent to Stop Driving

Editor's Note: This article was written by Amy Alvord, a co-owner of the Douglasville, GA caregiving service  Better off at Home.  Better off at Home strives to give "home healthcare with a personal touch for those you love most".  You may contact Amy at   Enjoy!     Driving is typically considered a significant part of independent living. But the ability to drive safely decreases with age. So, there comes a time when families are ... Read More

How To Choose The Best Home Care Agency

I assume if you are reading this, you are in the situation I was in a few years ago. My elderly mother had a multitude of health problems and as an only child, I knew it would be my responsibility to get care for her as she aged. My dad had passed away several years before, so I really was on my own. My mom and I had discussed a few options, but both of us were really focused on in home health care. After a relatively easy decision, the hard part began: choosing the best in home ... Read More

Why Home Care Was Perfect for My Parents

I knew my parents were getting older and since I was an only child, I also knew that a lot of their care would fall to me as they got older. Though they were both retired and living at home, I began to notice that they were both slowing down. It was taking them a long time to do simple things like cooking, personal care and keeping up on the housekeeping.  I thought an assisted living situation may be best for them, but both my mother and father refused. They wanted to stay in ... Read More

How to Find the Right Home Care Provider

If a senior loved one needs help safely performing tasks like bathing, cooking, and basic housekeeping duties, it may time to discuss hiring a home care service or provider.  There are many ways to start the process of finding the right care provider for a senior.  This may include speaking with their physicians to determine the type of care they would benefit from as well as speaking with other members of the community to get recommendations of care providers or agencies. ... Read More

Companionship Care for Seniors

The elderly that are no longer able to leave their home when they want to visit family and friends can become lonely and depressed.  Friends and family often do their best to meet the emotional needs of the seniors they are close to by visiting often.  However, many seniors may find that they spend a larger portion of their time alone then they would prefer.  Companionship care can help alleviate some of the loneliness that too many of the elderly population experiences when they... Read More

Home Health Care Goals and Expectations

Seniors coping with a variety of health conditions use home health care.  Seniors that suffer from a chronic disease that limits their ability to manage their health on their own or requires medical treatments that only a nurse can provide.  Seniors that are recovering from an injury or sudden illness may also need home health care services to help them heal properly and recover some of the abilities they lost due to an injury or illness.  The goal of home healthcare is to ... Read More

Dementia: A Guide For Caretakers

Dementia is a critical thing for caretakers to look out for. It occurs when a person has a loss of mental functions severe enough that it interferes with their daily lives. Knowing the symptoms of dementia and how to treat it is crucial for caretakers, so we’ve put together this guide.  More information is included in this article on dementia care. Changes in personality, mood and behavior are the basic symptoms caretakers should be aware of when treating a patient with ... Read More

Caregiving: Massage Therapy For the Nurse Aide

  If you’re a nurse aide that’s caregiving for a senior citizen, massage therapy is something that can be extremely beneficial. In the last couple of years, many a nurse aide working to provide the best caregiving as the demand for massage therapy has grown, so here’s a run quick run down of everything you need to know. Massage therapy is important for caregiving and provides relief for aches, pains, stiffness and other health conditions that come with aging like... Read More

Nursing Care: Dieticians

Planning diets is a critical part of nursing care and senior assisted living, so having a registered dietician on hand to help you is essential. These specialists provide nursing care for senior assisted living caretakers by providing nutritional support and are available to provide any number of dietary needs, such as checking caloric requirements and diabetic meal planning, if required. But that’s only a portion of what this role entails. Dieticians serve as food ... Read More

Be A Care Provider! Health Care Services Industry On The Rise

  If you want to be a care provider in the health care services industry, now is a great time to jump in. Seniors today are among the fastest growing population groups in the country, and the growth is projected to continue as baby boomers turn 65. The health care services industry has been growing in demand because of this, so being a care provider could be the right option for you. According to AARP, as people age they are deciding to remain at home. And as ... Read More

Explore the Benefits of Elderly Home Care

When considering the different methods of caring for aging relatives, a live in care giver definitely must be considered.  Elderly home care can be difficult with even the most active of elderly relatives, but for those that are house bound or worse, bedridden, it can be impossible for families to provide within their own home.  When providing long-term elderly home care is no longer practical, or in the best interest of the aging individual, many people leap to a nursing home as... Read More

Providing At Home Care is a Big Job

For many people, the question of how to best care for elderly relatives is a difficult one and providing at home care seems impossible.  Nursing homes, unless you can afford the very expensive fees for a nice privately run home, often don’t provide the level of care that many elderly patients require.  Nursing homes are crowded and staff members are overworked.  As a result patients are overlooked unless they are loud and obnoxious.  Making the decision to provide at home care is ... Read More

Keeping the Care Giver Sane

  The needs of a growing elderly population are expressed clearly in some of the changing policies that CMS is enacting to support the care giver.  Providing home elderly healthcare is a huge responsibility and burden on any care giver.  It is only recently that government programs have begun to offer care giver support that can effectively help with providing home elderly healthcare.  Current CMS programs allow support in the following areas: Cost of ... Read More

Dealing with The Grief Of Change with Dementia

  For many, not even dealing with the death of a loved one comes close to the grief of watching a loved one die by inches while suffering from Alzheimer's or dementia.  A dementia patient sometimes has long periods of coherency, and then long periods of senility and insanity.  Providing companion care to a dementia patient is difficult enough for professionals, it is infinitely worse for family members.  Imagine serving breakfast to a father or mother who has no idea... Read More

Senior Caretakers - Understanding Respite

Respite is a break for a caretaker to get away from the responsibilities of providing home care for a senior.  It is difficult to watch a senior age and start having difficulty doing the things that they once did with easy and enjoyed.  Whether it is the child of a senior, a spouse, or close friend it is a natural feeling to want to help the senior in all possible ways.  This may mean staying home with a spouse with advance Alzheimer’s or making multiple trips to a parents home ... Read More

Power of Attorney for Caregivers

Power of attorney or POA documents are necessary for the caretakers of seniors to make many decisions to ensure the health and safety of a loved one.  If a senior is dependent on their caretaker to make most of the important financial and personal decisions, two documents are vital.  These are power of attorney documents. Legal Power of Attorney A legal power of attorney or POA provides a caretaker to handle all legal tasks that a senior would normally handle.  This ... Read More

Caretakers Guide to Helping Seniors Cope with Loss

Caretakers responsible for providing at home care for a senior or elderly parent will inevitably face the loss of the senior's close friends.  Seniors just like anyone else will have varied reactions to loss and a caretaker is often the main source of emotional support.  After the initial grieving period is over the senior may have continued difficultly adjusting to their life with out that person in it. Elderly family members may have lost many of their friends over the ... Read More

Managing Medical Conditions and Medications for Seniors

  Family caretakers that provide in home care of an elderly family member have to be familiar with a senior's medical conditions and all the medications they take to help those conditions.  Many seniors are capable of managing their medications on their own, but it is still important that other family members who are responsible for their in home care also have a good understanding of what the senior’s medications are for and the proper dosage instructions.  ... Read More

Senior’s Caretakers and Doctor’s Appointments

Many caretakers are responsible for taking their elderly parents to their various doctor’s appointments.  While healthy senior may only need to do to a doctor for a checkup, those with serious health conditions will have appointments much more often.  Rather than a caretaker sitting in the waiting room, many choose to attend the appointments as well. If a senior is comfortable with their caretakers knowing details about their medical status and history, it can be very helpful... Read More

What Are the Advantages of In Home Care?

In home care provides a myriad of advantages by receiving caregiving at home. Being able to live in the home you love is one significant advantage of in home care. When AARP surveyed American seniors, an astounding eighty-nine percent said they preferred to age at home as long as possible. In addition to being able to age at home, in home care offers many additional advantages. Some of the advantages of in home care include: Flexibility: In home care is the most flexible ... Read More

Why Use an In Home Care Agency?

  When searching for in home care for your elderly loved one, you might have considered the option to privately hire a care giver to provide caregiving for your elderly loved one. While this may seem like a good idea, there are several important factors you should consider before hiring a care giver outside of an in home care agency. Background check: When hiring a care giver to provide in home care, it is important to have substantial background checks done ... Read More

Caregiver Support: Is Companion Care For You?

If you’re providing caregiver support for a loved one but they don’t need serious medical attention, companion care is an option you should consider. Also known as non-medical care, companion care is exactly what it sounds like. Preparing meals, housekeeping, bathroom assistance, shopping, reading and playing games are but some of the many caregiver support services that this kind of position entails. Experienced Caregivers Ann Sanders has plenty of experience in ... Read More

Advantage of Home Health Care

The home health services industry is continuing to grow year to year.  As more of the population reaches retirement age, the services available to the sick and elderly to enable them to remain in their homes as they age are also continuing to grow.  In a 2010 survey by AARP of 1,616 participants age 45 and older almost 75% of the participants stated that they would prefer to remain in their homes as long as possible as they age.   This is not a surprising statistic for care ... Read More

What Kind of Person Needs Senior Care Services?

  At some given point in an elder person’s life he or she may need the services of senior care services such as a nurse home or live in caregiver. When a elder person can no longer take care of him or herself, whether that be from an injury, degrading mental facilities, and/or disease and his or her family cannot provide the care necessary is when senior care services should be considered.  There is no one specific type of elder person who qualifies for a nurse home ... Read More

Home Health Aides: An Important Care Giver For Your Loved One

  When it comes to home health aides, your loved one should have the best care giver in their corner. Knowing what to look for in one, at and away from the hospital,  is extremely important.  There are many different types of home health care specialists: Registered Nurses: An experienced RN care giver should be able to provide your loved one with skilled services all home health aides are expected to provide, such as injections, wound care, case management, and more. ... Read More

Senior Care: The Home Nurse

  <p style="margin-top:0in;margin-right:0in;margin-bottom:6.85pt;margin-left: 0in;line-height:15.6pt;background:white"> A home nurse provides senior care to patients and promotes health, disease prevention, and helps patients cope with their respective illnesses. A home nurse serves as a seniorcare advocate and serves as an educator to patients, families, and communities as well. <p style="margin-top:0in;margin-right:0in;margin-bottom:6.85pt;margin-left: 0in;... Read More

Elderly Home Care: The Certified Nurse Assistant

  The Certified Nurse Assistant, also known as CNA, provides elderly home care and assists patients with their needs under the eye of a Registered Nurse (RN) or a licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). Also known as just Nurse Assistants (NA), this is a role that provides elderly home care at a high level, though issues of liability prevent them from performing certain procedures. The nurse aide provides elderly home care under direct supervision. Since nurse assistants have ... Read More

Services Provided in Non-Medical Home Care

Non medical home care provides a wide range of caregiving that is not considered as skilled medical care. Typically these services do not require special qualifications. The type of care giver is supportive and custodial. The amount of caregiving is flexible and can be easily tailored to your loved one’s needs. Caregiving can range from a few hours a week to having a full time live in caregiver. Here is a list of some of the caregiving generally provided in non medical home ... Read More

5 Important Home Care Questions

When choosing a non medical in home care agency for your elderly loved one, it is very important to ask the right questions before agreeing on elder care services. In many states anyone can become a caretaker, start a non medical in home care business, and provide elder care services without a license. For your protection it is essential to find a reputable in home care agency. Here is a list of five vital questions you must ask before hiring a non medical in home care agency... Read More

Services Covered in Non-Medical Home Care?

Unlike medical home care, non medical home care offers help and support for the elderly for activities for daily living (ADLs). Most of these forms of senior care involve maintaining a home setting that may have been hampered due to illness. They are not geared specifically to restoring physical health. Instead, non medical home care strives to keep the home setting as stress-free as possible despite its everyday stresses. Some of the services offered through non medical home... Read More

Who’s Who in Medical Home Care?

With medical in home care, there are many different medical personnel available to provide home health services. It is helpful to understand the different roles of the care providers who may visit your elderly loved one’s home. Here is a list of the different types of care providers available for medical in home care. Medical Doctor (MD): Medical doctors play an important role by prescribing medical in home care for your elderly loved one. They also develop a plan for... Read More

Services For Medical Home Care

Medical in home health care can offer your help with caregiving in a variety of forms for you or your loved one depending on your individual needs. This article will offer a brief run-through of the different types of medical in home health care you can receive once you gain doctor approval. Specific Services for Medical In Home Health Care: Specialized Nursing Care Registered Nurses, or RNs, are the only caregiving specialists who can explicitly offer you medical in ... Read More

How to Decide on Senior Housing Options

  Aging at home, senior independent living, senior assisted living, and nursing home care are some of the options available for senior housing. These senior housing options cater to the many needs that change as you age. Many seniors choose aging at home, or aging in place, where they can continue to live in their homes and receive in home care when caregiving is needed. Others choose senior independent living where they live in retirement communities and receive ... Read More

Care Giver Guide: Finding A Home Nurse

Hiring a home nurse care giver is an excellent option for a person that wants their loved one to live with them for as long as possible. If you can afford it, a home nurse as a care giver can take care of just about anything you can think of for senior citizens or just help you out when things get too overwhelming The most direct way to find a home nurse care giver is just hire someone to come in and care for your loved one for extended amounts of time. This is more ... Read More

Advice for Hiring Home Care Aide

Whether you choose to hire an independent caregiver or one sent from an agency there are a few universal rules that apply to hiring a caregiver. These tips will help make the choice an easier affair to deal with. Interview candidates before hiring You will want to meet the potential caregiver who you are hiring to help you, even if the caregiver is from an agency. You will want to make sure that it is a right fit. Interview at least several candidates before hiring and if... Read More

Choosing Your Home Care Services

Once you have decided to stay at home and use at home care services, it is time to chose an at home service. What service or care giver you pick should be based on your medical, social and daily life activity needs. What follows are some tips and advice on looking for home care services or caregivers. Home health care agencies Agencies can be a great benefit to you when searching for at home care services. Agencies normally provide pre-screened caregivers and at home ... Read More

Seeking Out Senior Care

As the average age in America continues to rise in in home senior care has seen a recent explosion. Many care providers continue to pop up to meet the pending demand in the coming years. With so many to choose from, though, which one should you or your loved one pick? An especially important point to consider is that, with demand ever increasing, the number of professionals without proper qualifications continues to rise as well. Picking out the right care provider can ... Read More

Visiting Nurses and Nursing Aides in a Home Care Setting

Visiting nurses have long been integral care providers of necessary health care to seniors that need home care.  For seniors with chronic or acute medical conditions, visiting nurses and nursing aides have provided an invaluable service to those who need regular monitoring of their chronic or acute health conditions.  Services Visiting Nurses provide Visiting nurses often act as liaisons between a senior and their various doctors.  They provide many of the same services ... Read More

What Exactly is Senior Home Health Care?

There are quite a lot of stress points that can be associated with getting older. While some of them can be rather vain, others are quite serious and important such as who exactly will be caring for you once you reach a certain age or if you become disabled. There are quite a lot of options available. You may move into in a senior assisted living facility or have a live in caregiver. Many people may even choose to move in with their children.  These are only a few of the many ... Read More

Wisconsin Senior Home Care Resources

  Wisconsin provides its elderly with many resources to help them find the senior home care services they need.  Whether it is caretaker support, assistance locating home care agencies and other senior services, or insurance benefits, there are a variety of programs available to Wisconsin’s seniors and their families to help age in place. Caretaker Support and Home Care Resources Helping a senior retain their independence can be difficult for families at times.  It can... Read More

Becoming a Caretaker for a Senior- What to Expect

  Becoming a caretaker for a senior who has been independent can be a difficult and emotional undertaking.  The more independent the senior is the more they may resist assistance.  Many times becoming a caretaker does not happen overnight.  Usually it is a gradual process.  Becoming a caretaker starts by assisting the senior with small tasks that increase over time as the senior has more difficulty managing their daily life.  Whether this starts with help doing household... Read More

Activities for Seniors Receiving in Home Care

  A senior that receives in home care has special needs for mental and social stimulation that a home environment does not always provide.  Imagine not being able to leave your home to do simple things like go to the grocery store or library or even just going outside for a refreshing walk in the fall.  It would become monotonous and boring to be inside a home 24 hours a day 7 days a week with no expectations of it changing.  However, many homebound seniors face this ... Read More

What Is Senior In Home Care?

With in home care, a care giver provides caregiving in the comfort of home. Does your elderly loved one find it increasingly more difficult to take care of every day needs? In home care (also referred as Senior home care) is a wide array of services that help meet those needs by providing care in the home of the senior. This means with in home care, seniors can receive caregiving and help they need from a care giver without having to move into a nursing home. In home care is ... Read More