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Paying for Senior Home Care in California

When deciding between in-home care and nursing home care for a senior, an important element in the decision is the relative cost of the two options. Also, if in-home care is chosen, it must be decided whether the caregiver will be part-time, full-time, or live-in full-time. There are two aspects of care: medical and non-medical, and both of these must be planned for if in-home care is the chosen option. In California, the average cost per hour to hire non-medical caregivers is ... Read More

Paying for Senior Home Care in Colorado

The two most essential elements of the decision to care for a senior in a nursing home or to hire a caregiver are the level of care needed and cost. In Colorado, the average cost per hour to hire a non-medical caregiver is $21, and the cost to hire a medical caregiver is $25. This ranks Colorado 34th in the nation in home care affordability, adjusted for median per capita income by state. In-Home Care Programs: State-Sponsored Colorado does not directly subsidize in-home ... Read More

Paying for Senior Home Care in Arkansas

An important element in the decision to care for a senior in the home or in a nursing home is the relative cost of the two options. There are two aspects of care: medical and non-medical, and both of these must be planned for if in-home care is the chosen option. In Arkansas, the average cost per hour to hire both medical and non-medical in-home caregivers is $16. This ranks Arkansas as 34th nationwide in home care affordability, adjusted for state median income. ... Read More

My Family and I Chose Home Care

After 50 years of marriage, I felt that I knew my wife well. It wasn’t until after she was diagnosed with dementia that I found out that wasn’t necessarily the case. She needed a lot more care than I was able to give and as much as it pained me, I gathered my sons and daughter to our home and explained that I simply couldn’t do it by myself anymore. There was only one choice...we would have to find a nursing home or some type of dementia care home where my wife would be taken ... Read More

My Family and I Chose Home Care

After 50 years of marriage, I felt that I knew my wife well. It wasn’t until after she was diagnosed with dementia that I found out that wasn’t necessarily the case. She needed a lot more care than I was able to give and as much as it pained me, I gathered my sons and daughter to our home and explained that I simply couldn’t do it by myself anymore. There was only one choice...we would have to find a nursing home or some type of dementia care home where my wife would be taken ... Read More

Paying for Senior Home Care in Arizona

In-home senior care is an alternative to care in a nursing home. However, hiring a caregiver, especially if a full-time caregiver is needed, can be expensive. Medical insurance often does not provide for non-medical caregiver assistance. In the state of Arizona, it costs an average of $19/hr. to hire a non-medical caregiver and $22/hr. to hire a medical caregiver. This ranks Arizona as the 32nd most affordable state, adjusted for per capita median income. State-Sponsored ... Read More

Paying for Home Care In Alaska

In-home senior care is an option that many seniors, and their relatives as well, would prefer to a nursing home.  It can be costly to hire an in-home caregiver, however, and providing the level of care that a nursing home can provide may require the services of a full-time caregiver. The cost of a non-medical and a medical caregiver is $24 and $25/hr., respectively, making Alaska the 13th most affordable state for caregiver costs, adjusted for median per capita income. ... Read More

Senior Home Care in Alabama

Paying for in-home senior care is a serious issue.  It is costly to hire a part-time caregiver, and even more so to hire a live-in, full-time caregiver. While many medical insurance programs cover the cost of direct medical care, most do not cover the costs of non-medical care. The cost of an in-home caregiver in Alabama averages $16/hour for both medical and non-medical caregiving, which makes Alabama the 18th most affordable state in caregiving costs, adjusted for median per ... Read More

End of Life Issues for Seniors and Caregivers

Death: it’s not something most of us like to talk about, but as we all know, caring for an elderly parent or other relative logically ends--you might even say culminates—in that person’s death. As death is a part of life, we must spend part of our life preparing for death. Doing so for an elderly loved one can provide them with an orderly, dignified, and as much as possible, painless transition from this world to the next. Making a Living Will This is an important step in... Read More

Find Unique Caregivers

  When you are looking for an in-home caregiver, there are a number of issues that you need to consider over and above the caregiver’s competence.  In other words, there’s more to it than simply what services he or she will be providing, the cost of those services, etc. The difference between in-home caregiving and having a visiting caretaker is that, obviously, the person who gives you care will also be living in your home. This means that you need to consider issues that ... Read More

Hiring a Caregiver

The decision to hire an in-home caregiver is difficult and complex. The expense can be substantial, depending on the level of care. You probably don’t know what’s involved in the process of finding a caregiver and what the role of the caregiver should be. If you live in or near a large city, there can be hundreds of possible choices: private, independent caregivers, senior care service agencies, outcall nurses, etc. The key is to decide beforehand exactly what you want in a ... Read More

What is Non-Medical Home Care?

Many people think of home care as being restricted to their home, in a hospital bed, and overseen by a nurse.  This is not always the case though.  Senior care in the home can range from medical care to companion care.  It all depends on the needs of the senior receiving care.  Although you may not need care specific to your medical needs, you may still need help with daily living activities or someone to simply check in on you now and then.  Depending on the care agency you hire... Read More

Geriatric Care Managers

If you or a loved one is facing a tough choice regarding choosing senior care services, you may want to invest in the help of a geriatric care manager.  With so many seniors reaching the age when home care or assisted living may be necessary, it’s no wonder this expertise has become so requested.  Not only do they assist seniors with making their transition into care, they help the family decide on the best care for their loved one’s needs. Choosing between Home Care and ... Read More

What is In-Home Care?

It is quite often found that most people don’t actually know what home care entails. With such a variety of available care it can be confusing trying to keep the different options separate from each other. Put in the easiest, most understandable terms, in-home care is care that is given within the boundaries of your own home. The Popularity of Home Care In-home care has become increasingly popular lately as more and more people are wanting the independence of being able ... Read More

Understanding What Hospice Is

In every life comes the unavoidable point of transitioning from this life to whatever is next. Hospice is a care that is designed with a philosophy of relieving the severity of pain and discomfort of a terminally patient. Hospice is not about healing the patient, but is rather about focusing on their well-being as they prepare to die. This includes social, physical, spiritual, and emotional aspects of the person’s life. Hospice integrates easily into home care that has already ... Read More

Electronics for Home Care

As soon as the internet was available, my tech head dad ordered it. I still remember sitting there, hearing the dial tone, hisses and dings as the behemoth computer connected to the internet. It was a constant fight between him and Mom since we only had one phone line and he would want to be on the internet for hours at a time. The internet really opened up a whole new world to him and once he started, he never went back. He really saw the internet as a learning tool and ... Read More

Reasons to Choose Home Care

It may be a difficult choice deciding to elicit the help of an outside organization when it comes to the care of a loved one, but often, it’s for the best. Caregiver burnout is a very real symptom that can happen to family members who have been the sole source of provision for too long. Professional care offers the ability to take care of special needs that family members are not often able to while assisting with some of the routine duties of housework and daily care. Often, ... Read More

Finding the Right Home Care Resources

Having to search for care for your parents can be a confusing and stressful time of life. Not only do you have to come to grips with finding out that they are sick, but now you have the added pressure of needing to do something about it. With all of the options available, it can be an overwhelming situation. There is good news however. With the rising trend in home care services, more information is available than perhaps ever before. The downside is that wading through this... Read More

Hiring a Live-In Caregiver

Hiring a live-in home care provider can be one of the biggest reliefs that a family member can have. However, there are specific things that you should consider for the well-being and safety of your loved one before you rush out and find the first caregiver available. Tips on Caregivers Look at ads for live-in caregivers. One of the best ways to discover what is out there is to see what other people are looking for. Often advertisements ask for specifics qualities, ... Read More

Tips For Finding Home Caregivers

When it comes to finding a caregiver, it’s important to look for one who is experienced with senior ailments so that more efficient diagnoses can be made.  Your caregiver is the one who would be most likely to notice any health changes, so a medical background can be important for seniors using in-home care. A common ailment that often goes unnoticed these days is called Tinnitus.  It can be defined as that “ringing” in your ears when there is no other sound, or the sound of ... Read More

Home Care for My Sister

I grew up with a sister who was 10 years older than I was and I always loved her protection and the skillful way that she taught me about life. I was about 12 when she was married and enjoyed spending time with her and her husband as we all grew older. Even though there was an age difference between us, my sister and I were best friends from the beginning and after her husband passed away, she moved in with me. We lived very happily for many years but eventually I noticed that ... Read More

Senior Beats Pain with a New Home Care Routine

Ninety-three year old Edna Roseberry struggled with angina pain for nearly 50 years of her life before finding victory in a place she never expected to find it. Living and farming in Iowa from the 40’s up until she retired in the 80’s, Edna’s life was one of hard work, child rearing, and farm style eating – including home grown meats, milk, vegetables, and whatever else they could produce on their own.  However, in the 1960’s she began to suffer from nightly angina pains, which... Read More

Care for Seniors with Depression

Depression is on the rise in America not only with the young or those in the middle of stressful career and family situations, but amongst America’s seniors as well. As estimated by the National Institute on Aging (NIA), there are over 5 million seniors, age 65 and older, who suffer from the effects of full-blown depression or a lesser form of the affliction. With the increase in necessitated senior care, more people are dealing with the realities of declining health and what ... Read More

Senior Caregiver Financial Abuse

The number of Americans receiving in-home care services has been on the rise for the past several years and is predicted to continue to climb. While the surge has encouraged a new era of innovation and technology, it has also unfortunately seen the rise of elder abuse amongst some of those of our country’s most vulnerable. Elder abuse is defined as any situation that a person can cause physical or emotional abuse to a senior. The current plague is that of financial abuse. ... Read More

Choosing Home Care Made Sense For Us

  If there is something that my father loved more than anything, it was his dog, Skip. Skip had been with Dad ever since my mother had passed away five years ago. It seemed like Dad and Skip became immediate friends and I was really happy, as an only child, that Dad had a pet that he not only adored, but that he was able to care for and that kept him young, vibrant and busy throughout the day. Skip was certainly not a vicious dog, but he kept an eye on Dad just as Dad kept an... Read More

Eating Healthy During Home Care Helps Your Eyes

You know the old saying that carrots are good for the eyes? Well, the old adages have truth to them. A combination of diet and exercise are important to good eye-health. Even for those already suffering from eye disease, a proper diet can arrest degeneration and in some instances improve sight slightly. For recipients of in-home care, always check with your physician before starting a new exercise program or diet, to make sure that everything is conducive with your treatment plan... Read More

Home Care With Macular Degeneration

According to the American Health Assistance Foundation, millions of American seniors suffer from vision loss due to macular degeneration. Whereas in the past there was not much to do, we have developed ways in which to allow recipients of senior-care to continue to live their independent lives. Because we are so vision-oriented, we tend to under-utilize our other senses. However, once our vision began to fails us, we can still go back to strengthening our other senses. ... Read More

Tips for Saving Money while Aging at Home

With the cost of senior living facilities rising and medical care benefits in flux, everyone is feeling the financial squeeze- especially fixed income seniors and those with in-home care. It was recently reported that almost 60% of the typical senior’s income is spent on health care and housing. This doesn’t leave much for transportation, food, rent, and all the other expenses that arise. Below are a few tips from the article, 7 Money Saving Tips for Seniors, that can help you to... Read More

Picking a Caregiver's Qualities

Whether you are a family looking for the right in-home caregiver or a caregiver hoping to provide quality in-home senior care, the future is looking bright for you. There are caregivers waiting for their chance to help families with the in-home care of loved ones. Six Caregiver Qualities to Look For There are six qualities every caregiver should have. They need these in order for their patients to receive an excellent life. It is important for families to take note of ... Read More

Maintaining Nutrition During Home Care

For both caregivers and seniors, knowing the best things for the elderly to eat is important knowledge. Not only does it affect current quality of life, but it can play a significant role in increasing life expectancy. According to Help Guide, you’ll want to keep these basic ideas to keep in mind for seniors aging at home: ·         Enjoy Fats that are Good for You – There is a common misconception that all fats are bad for you. Being far from the truth, some fats can ... Read More

Home Care for Diabetes

When someone is first diagnosed with diabetes it can be a real shock and a splash of cold water to the reality of one’s own frailty. There is now a very real concern to maintain a proper diet, take the correct prescription meds, as well as the daily task of checking blood glucose. However, while this is nothing to shake a stick at, it doesn’t have to destroy your lifestyle. There are several ways that you can adjust your life to begin to cope with the diagnosis of diabetes and ... Read More

Home Care Benefited Us All

It was never a problem living far from my mother. My husband and I had moved about 2 hours away due to a job transfer but mom was always self sufficient and we never really had much to worry about. She was extremely vibrant and healthy until she was diagnosed. Of course the diagnosis hit us all hard and she went downhill quite quickly. My husband and I took turns making the four hour round trip several times a day and we made sure to call her every two hours to ensure that we ... Read More

Helping Seniors Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

The US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) are providing a new program to educate the public regarding losing weight and keeping it off. The CDC has published an article titled, “CDC Teaches that Healthy Weight is a Lifestyle not just a Diet” on its website that focuses on the importance of not-only short-term changes to diet, but promoting a lifestyle of regular activity, balancing calories with what your body actually uses, and healthy eating. Look for Caregivers... Read More

How to Avoid Scams that Target Seniors Aging in Home

With more people receiving home care, seniors have become a larger target for scammers trying to dishonestly make a buck. It’s important that caregivers and seniors both know things to look out for and what to do if a real problem arises. Rules to Keep Your Senior Safe Don’t Open the Door – This is the first line of defense, and if practiced, can help you to avoid a large number of potential scammers. Once you open the door, you are giving a person the opportunity to... Read More

Finding Help for Veterans with PTSD

During a lightning storm in Covington, Georgia, a lightning bolt struck the house of a resident senior Tammy Fouts causing a fire which grew rapidly. The senior’s dog, “Lonely Lola” rushed to the bedroom to alert Tammy of the danger. Tammy ignored Lola at first, but the dog continued to be persistent, and at last Tammy woke up to find out what was the problem. It seems that she was woke up timely as she had just enough time to wake her grandson and escape from the house ... Read More

How Asbestos has Affected Senior Citizens

Mesothelioma – the signature asbestos-causing cancer – is most frequently diagnosed in patients between 50 and 70 years old. Seniors also have higher incidence rates of other asbestos-related diseases, such as asbestosis and lung cancer. These diseases are often the result of asbestos exposure that occurred more than 20 years ago. In some cases, as much as 50 years can pass between the time of exposure and the time of diagnosis. For many seniors, the asbestos ... Read More

Relieving Senior Stress through the Gift of Laughter

One of the newest fads taking root in America is that of laughter yoga. Developed in Mumbai (Bombay) India about 17 years ago, laughter yoga concentrates on the benefits of positive thinking upon health. Unlike other forms of yoga, the focus is not on becoming more flexible, gaining muscle mass, or increasing breathing, but instead overcoming negative thinking. Humor has been found to lower blood pressure and strengthen an individual’s blood pressure. In fact the Centers for... Read More

Telemedicine Bringing Home Treatment to Thousands of Veterans

A new program has been announced by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) making it possible to treat chronic disease such as Hepatitis C, heart failure, and chronic pain. The program that the V.A. will be using is known by its long name “Specialty Care Access-Network-Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes,” or more conveniently, “SCAN-ECHO” for short. What originally came out of the University of New Mexico as a way to treat rural patients with needed medical ... Read More

Keep Infection at Bay

A recent survey of in-home care workers and senior patients, documented in the “Home Healthcare Nurse” reported that several healthcare workers have acquired infections from their place of work and spread it to other senior patients. The report also showed that there is no standardized policy regarding handling infection control. This becomes increasingly worrisome when antibiotic-resistant infections are involved. These results are worrisome to federal health agencies as ... Read More

Seniors Don’t Drink Water Like Others Do

    It may seem like a funny thing to say, but seniors don’t drink water as much as the younger generations do. With the advent of bottled water, this generation has more access to water than the earlier ones did. Walking into any grocery store or quick-e-mart, you can pick up liters and even gallons of water to carry with you throughout the day.  However, in the old days, people relied on drinking fountains and really only drank when they were thirsty. In short, ... Read More

Indiana In-Home Specialists Merge to Better Serve the Elderly

To help curb the trend of rising costs, two Indiana based agencies, both involved in different aspects of in-home senior care, announced that they will be combining resources. The “Allen County Council on Aging” currently provides transportation for recipients of in-home care as well as running a loan program for durable medical equipment. Their merger with “Aging & In-Home Services of Northeast Indiana” comes after months of planning and discussion on how both organizations ... Read More

Choosing Home Care Was the Right Decision for Our Family

Coming from a large family, it was sometimes hard to make decisions that pleased everyone. Growing up we were always fighting over this and that and having to do things like secret ballot to decide where we were going to go on summer vacation. It wasn’t until all of my brothers and sisters were grown that we made our first collective decision as a family. We chose in home health care for our ailing father. Options for Our Dad's Living Dad was getting frailer by the month ... Read More

Texan Legislative Health Debates Start Early

With Texas’ 83rd legislative session gearing up within the next months, discussions on senior care are already well under way. The topic is on the need to ensure access to quality and affordable health care in the appropriate setting for Texas’ seniors. This includes in home care, assisted living, nursing homes, and retirement communities. The number of Texans aged 65 and older is estimated to have more than doubled in the next 20 years. Armed with these statistics, senior ... Read More

Senior HIV Testing Raises Concerns

For those who wouldn’t normally go to get themselves tested, in-home care testing could literally be a lifesaver, but what about those who respond to bad news and have no-one to follow up with? OraSure, a Pennsylvania based technology company, has recently developed a rapid HIV test which is currently pending FDA approval. Having just received a positive report by the FDA advisory board, it could receive full FDA support by the end of the year, giving it full access to ... Read More

How Smart Phones Assist the Elderly

The rise in proliferation of smart-phones has also increased the aid for senior care and those with disabilities. Golden Days Senior Care Services has recently compiled a list of the most helpful applications for in-home care workers and those whom they give assistance to. The list includes applications for the Android, IPhone, and Blackberry based mobile phones. The list of applications covers both medical and non-medical care services ranging from help in keeping track ... Read More

How Obamacare Ruling Affects Seniors

Health insurance reform has taken place already, but with the potential striking down of the Affordable Care Act, Medicare may be caught wondering what to charge for its services, with seniors in flux waiting to see what happens.  As of now, they are already affected by:   The Price of Drugs. The law intends to reduce what Medicare can charge for drugs when a person’s coverage lapses.  This has been implemented to some extent and has already saved consumers ... Read More

Preparing Seniors for Emergencies

With the start of hurricane season underway in many areas of the country, now is a good time to think about emergency plans for your elderly loved ones. Even if you don’t live in a hurricane prone area, it is still a good idea to have plans in place for any type of emergency. Senior care experts are advising families to prepare their senior family members for severe weather emergencies and the possibility of evacuation. Debra Foscolo, owner of the Home Instead Senior Care Office ... Read More

Losing Home Care in PA

The Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare (DPW) has announced that it will decrease care for frail seniors who use state health services for in-home care. Earlier this year, DPW officials decided to drop the extensive Care Management services in their Aging Waiver program, and instead provide limited care for the elderly statewide with Service Coordinators. This affects needy senior citizens qualifying for Medicaid-paid nursing home care. More than 20,000 ... Read More

Choosing Home Care Over Senior Homes (White Paper)

What is In-Home Care? In-Home care is care given within the boundaries of your own home. It has become more popular these days as people are seeking the independence of aging and/or convalescing in their own residence. With technology advancing, this is becoming more and more possible; even for those with acute medical needs. Today, in-home care is the most requested medical service in our society with businesses improving service to compete for the demand. With 10,000 ... Read More

What Makes a Good Caregiver?

According to a recent National Health Statistics Report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, by the year 2050, the number of Americans needing long-term care is expected to nearly double. Although unpaid family members will provide most of this care, the need for paid in-home caregivers will most likely increase dramatically. The report also projects that between 2008 and 2018 the employment of home health aides will rise by 50 percent. There are many matters to ... Read More

New Program for Senior Medical Home Care

A new model of health care shows promise in treating elderly patients without a lengthy hospital stay. The program is known as Hospital at Home, and is aimed at seniors with diseases normally necessitating hospitalization, such as heart failure, emphysema, urinary tract infections, or pneumonia. A new study published in the journal “Health Affairs” looked at people receiving this care through the New Mexico-based Presbyterian Healthcare Services. The study found those receiving ... Read More

Washington Care Workers Asking for a Raise

Home care workers in Washington have been talking with their unions and both have come to the conclusion that it’s time that wages and benefits begin to match up with the cost of living. Union representatives have begun to meet with state negotiators for the latest contract talks and they want a raise. There are some 30,000 in-home care workers in the state with the average price just over $10 per hour. Their jobs include helping people with non-medical care such as chores, ... Read More

Cuts to Senior Living in California

California’s Governor, Jerry Brown is position to make some very large budget cuts very soon. With a nearly $16 billion deficit, Governor Brown has proposed a budget that will trim home care workers’ hours by seven percent. However some people are afraid that cuts to in-home care workers will not just affect the patients being cared for, but that there could be more long-term consequences for their families, as well as California taxpayers. Finding an Alternative ... Read More

Agency Offers Certified Alzheimer's Caregivers

  Total home health care is a rapidly growing business model. As the trend continues to move in the direction of health institutes offering comprehensive coverage, Professional HealthCare at Home, is already doing that very thing in spades. Based out of San Francisco, they are right now leading the Bay area’s medical care industry as the largest provider of total home health care. This includes offering nurse care, rehab, personalized caregivers, and hospice service. Now, ... Read More

Social Media in Senior Living

Facebook and Twitter may be the domain of youth, but our honored seniors can now stay connected, using social network trends to connect with their doctors and caregivers. A new software created by the California based company “Care Innovations” is helping seniors to take their pills, measure their blood pressure, and even give them the opportunity to video conference with their doctor. All of this on a tablet from home. Care Innovations recently moved to Beaverton, ... Read More

KeyHIE Helps Senior Care

Keystone Health Information Exchange (KeyHIE) recently announced that they have expanded by adding eleven Golden Living skilled nursing facilities to their network. Golden Living is one of the largest providers of post-acute health care in the country and will be filling a role that had been lacking previously. These eleven facilities, located in NE and central Pennsylvania, are the first post-acute health care facilities to join the KeyHIE network. This is good news for ... Read More

Safety and Privacy for Seniors

As technology continues to improve, so does the ability to keep the health of our seniors monitored at all times. Many residents living independently have the possibility of falling, suffering a stroke or heart attack in their home. The goal of assisted living is to make sure that if this does happen there is someone to help.   However, while being a possible life saver, can this technology go too far? This is a question communities around the nation are finding themselves having... Read More

Strong Family Connections and Home Care

When our mom was diagnosed with her illness, we knew that it would only be a matter of time before she would need full time medical care. We began, like most people do, by looking at nursing homes and assisted living complexes in our area, but we live in a rural place, so the closest nursing homes were quite far from family, which we held above everything else. Once we considered family, we knew that we really only had one choice: we would choose to keep mom at home and hire... Read More

Choosing A Wellness Check for Your Parents

  My parents were getting older and I lived 400 miles away. I was always worried that something would happen to them and since I was so far away, I wouldn’t be able to make it to them on time. I was also worried that they were not taking care of themselves as they should. While pondering this at work one day, one of my co-workers clued me into some of the service that her mother’s in home care company offered.  I explained that my parents were still rather spry ... Read More

What is In-Home Care?

In home care services can provide the elderly and their families an affordable option to help seniors maintain their independence while ensuring their safety and comfort.  Aging is a gradual process, as time passes most people will experience increasing difficulty doing the tasks once completed with ease or without much thought.   Perhaps they postpone appointments or stop cleaning the house as often as they once did.  Over time more little things get left undone- a light bulb ... Read More