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Choosing A Wellness Check for Your Parents

  My parents were getting older and I lived 400 miles away. I was always worried that something would happen to them and since I was so far away, I wouldn’t be able to make it to them on time. I was also worried that they were not taking care of themselves as they should. While pondering this at work one day, one of my co-workers clued me into some of the service that her mother’s in home care company offered.  I explained that my parents were still rather spry ... Read More

Affording Home Health Care For Our Mother

My sister and I were shocked when out mother was diagnosed with a terminal illness and we were even more shocked when we found out how much her medical care would cost. We spoke with our mother about the options that were available to her and she simply begged us not to put her in a nursing home. We knew that home health care was our only choice. Once that was decided, it was time to figure out how we were going to pay for it. Knowing Our Options The first thought we had ... Read More

Why Home Care Was Perfect for My Parents

I knew my parents were getting older and since I was an only child, I also knew that a lot of their care would fall to me as they got older. Though they were both retired and living at home, I began to notice that they were both slowing down. It was taking them a long time to do simple things like cooking, personal care and keeping up on the housekeeping.  I thought an assisted living situation may be best for them, but both my mother and father refused. They wanted to stay in ... Read More

Companionship Care for Seniors

The elderly that are no longer able to leave their home when they want to visit family and friends can become lonely and depressed.  Friends and family often do their best to meet the emotional needs of the seniors they are close to by visiting often.  However, many seniors may find that they spend a larger portion of their time alone then they would prefer.  Companionship care can help alleviate some of the loneliness that too many of the elderly population experiences when they... Read More

Home Health Care vs. Non-Medical Care

Everyone wants their elderly loved ones to have the best care possible, but sometimes that can be hard to find or even to determine if they are getting the best senior care possible once you have decided on a solution. Many people look into providing in home care for their loved ones, but then become confused about the difference between in home care and home health care. While home health care and in home care are able to provide some of the same assistance they actually are ... Read More

Home Health Care Goals and Expectations

Seniors coping with a variety of health conditions use home health care.  Seniors that suffer from a chronic disease that limits their ability to manage their health on their own or requires medical treatments that only a nurse can provide.  Seniors that are recovering from an injury or sudden illness may also need home health care services to help them heal properly and recover some of the abilities they lost due to an injury or illness.  The goal of home healthcare is to ... Read More

Helping Move Into A Nursing Home

  There may come a time when your loved one needs nursing home care and no longer able to live independently. The reason for going into nursing home care may be because the scope of specialized medical caregiving calls for intensive medical care around the clock. Deciding to go into nursing home care is a very personal matter that should be carefully planned together with your elderly loved one. You should go over all other caregiving alternatives such as in home ... Read More

Is A Nursing Home Right For Your Loved One?

A nurse home is the best home elderly healthcare option available when living alone just isn’t possible and you can’t take care of your family member yourself. The highest form of home elderly healthcare there is, a nurse home will provide the best level of care, so you know your loved one is taken care of. While a nurse home does provide help for a person’s daily living, it’s different from other forms of home elderly healthcare in the level of attention a person gets. There... Read More

Choosing the Best Home Care Agency

At home care has become a big industry for senior independent living over the years. With so many options, it’s best to research all of your at home care options. Choosing a senior independent living is an extremely important thing for treating your loved ones, so ask these questions as you make your decisions: 1. How long as this at home care facility been in business? This doesn’t always mean that the senior independent living service that has been around is better, but... Read More

Is an Assisted Living Facility Right for You?

Assisted living is an option for seniors who need or want help with their activities of daily living. Assisted living facilities allow a senior to live in a residential facility where they can receive help with transportation, housekeeping and other daily life activities. In the United States there is no global definition of the term assisted living, so an assisted living facility can be called by many different names. Other names for assisted living facilities: ... Read More

Types of Senior Living Facilities

  There are a number of reasons why a person may choose to stay in a senior assisted living facility. There is as many senior assisted living facilities as there are reasons to be in one. The majority of facility residents are those that need 24-hour-supervision and care. This includes individuals who need medicine management and those affected by a dementia-like Alzheimer's disease. Here are some of the facilities that you choose from when considering senior ... Read More

Dementia: A Guide For Caretakers

Dementia is a critical thing for caretakers to look out for. It occurs when a person has a loss of mental functions severe enough that it interferes with their daily lives. Knowing the symptoms of dementia and how to treat it is crucial for caretakers, so we’ve put together this guide.  More information is included in this article on dementia care. Changes in personality, mood and behavior are the basic symptoms caretakers should be aware of when treating a patient with ... Read More

Nursing Care: Dieticians

Planning diets is a critical part of nursing care and senior assisted living, so having a registered dietician on hand to help you is essential. These specialists provide nursing care for senior assisted living caretakers by providing nutritional support and are available to provide any number of dietary needs, such as checking caloric requirements and diabetic meal planning, if required. But that’s only a portion of what this role entails. Dieticians serve as food ... Read More

Caretakers Guide to Helping Seniors Cope with Loss

Caretakers responsible for providing at home care for a senior or elderly parent will inevitably face the loss of the senior's close friends.  Seniors just like anyone else will have varied reactions to loss and a caretaker is often the main source of emotional support.  After the initial grieving period is over the senior may have continued difficultly adjusting to their life with out that person in it. Elderly family members may have lost many of their friends over the ... Read More

Managing Medical Conditions and Medications for Seniors

  Family caretakers that provide in home care of an elderly family member have to be familiar with a senior's medical conditions and all the medications they take to help those conditions.  Many seniors are capable of managing their medications on their own, but it is still important that other family members who are responsible for their in home care also have a good understanding of what the senior’s medications are for and the proper dosage instructions.  ... Read More

Senior’s Caretakers and Doctor’s Appointments

Many caretakers are responsible for taking their elderly parents to their various doctor’s appointments.  While healthy senior may only need to do to a doctor for a checkup, those with serious health conditions will have appointments much more often.  Rather than a caretaker sitting in the waiting room, many choose to attend the appointments as well. If a senior is comfortable with their caretakers knowing details about their medical status and history, it can be very helpful... Read More

Benefits of Aging at Home

Among seniors, aging at home (aka aging in place) is the most desirable way of aging. Since most caregiving needs can be met through in home care services, most seniors can choose aging at home. AARP survey shows the preference of aging at home becomes more prevalent as age increases. The survey shows that 75% of those between the ages 45 to 54 prefer aging at home. 83% of those 55 to 64 prefer aging at home. 92% of those between the ages 65 to 74 prefer aging at home. And 95% of... Read More

Independent Living for Seniors

Senior independent living is a general health care services term used for any arrangements made specifically for the elderly. The primary benefit to senior independent living is that it’s friendlier for the elderly, but there are other things that work in its favor. Compared to other health care services, senior independent living facilities tend to be easier to get around, more compact, and often include help with outside maintenence. Some senior independent living centers ... Read More

In Home Senior Care is a Growing Industry

When considering options for taking care of elderly relatives, one option that many families return to time and again is in home senior care.  In home senior care is when seniors choose to continue to live at home as they age.  Family caregivers usually begin by providing most of the needed care for elderly relatives.   When family is no longer able to meet those needs they contact elder care services to bring in a private care professional.  In home senior care can be very ... Read More

Do You Need Home Care?

It can be hard to know when it is time to look for senior at home care. What is known is that a decrease in your ability to complete daily life activities is a significant factor in deciding on if you need senior at home care; and a combination of lifestyle factors can increase your chances of needing senior at home care sooner rather than later. The first activities you should look at when considering if you need or do not need senior in home care are your daily life ... Read More

Aging At Home: Are In Home Care Services For You?

  Deciding whether or not to you need in home care services is extremely important if you’re aging at home.  Being an elderly citizen has enough challenges, so we’ve created a quick list of things to think about when considering in home care services for your needs. Activity level: Reduced physical output as you’re aging at home can be a result of a number of things, but it could also be a sign of more serious symptoms like depression. If it is, in home care ... Read More

How Can Memory Care Help My Loved One With Alzheimer’s?

If your elderly loved one has Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia, memory care may be beneficial. Memory care is a specially designed form of care usually found in assisted living or nursing home facilities that specialize in dementia and Alzheimer’s care. Many in home care agencies also offer memory care in your loved one’s home through specially trained care givers. Memory care facilities: Memory care facilities provide dedicated dementia and Alzheimer’s care that ... Read More

How Home Monitoring Can Help Your Elderly Loved One

The advance in technology in home monitoring brings the possibility of aging at home to many seniors. With the combined help of in home care and home monitoring, your loved one can continue to live at home and avoid moving into a facility. Many in home care agencies offer home monitoring solutions to keep your loved one safe. Usually, the in home care agency will first assess your loved one’s home and recommend home monitoring solutions based on your loved one’s needs. The in ... Read More

Adult Care: The Village Concept Gaining Popularity Over Elderly Homes

Adult care in elderly homes being impacted by the economy just as much as anything else. Independent seniors looking to tighten their own spending for adult care are starting to take up a popular new option: the village concept. Under the village concept, active seniors receive adult care without having to rely on elderly homes and the like. Members join up with a “village” and get access to special adult care programs and services. Some of these services include trips to the ... Read More

Senior Assisted Living: Home Daycare Getting More Popular

When it comes to senior assisted living, more and more people are choosing home daycare for their loved ones. And it’s never too late to find the right agency for their specific needs. According to the U.S Census Bureau, more than 7.6 million Americans receive some sort of home daycare. That number is compounded even further when factoring in informal senior assisted living care provided by family members, which generally isn’t counted in the Census’s numbers. Senior assisted ... Read More

Alzheimer’s Care Options for Seniors

Alzheimer’s care and other elderly services for senior citizens are more important than ever as the US population gets older. While there currently is no cure for the disease, there are plenty of options available for people that suffer from it.  There are many types of home health care services that can help you out with this. Alzheimer's Medications Alzheimer’s care is primarily by way of medications, and all elderly services utilize them. Several kinds of medicine are ... Read More

Home Health Aides: An Important Care Giver For Your Loved One

  When it comes to home health aides, your loved one should have the best care giver in their corner. Knowing what to look for in one, at and away from the hospital,  is extremely important.  There are many different types of home health care specialists: Registered Nurses: An experienced RN care giver should be able to provide your loved one with skilled services all home health aides are expected to provide, such as injections, wound care, case management, and more. ... Read More

Elderly Home Care: The Certified Nurse Assistant

  The Certified Nurse Assistant, also known as CNA, provides elderly home care and assists patients with their needs under the eye of a Registered Nurse (RN) or a licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). Also known as just Nurse Assistants (NA), this is a role that provides elderly home care at a high level, though issues of liability prevent them from performing certain procedures. The nurse aide provides elderly home care under direct supervision. Since nurse assistants have ... Read More

Types of Home Health Care

  Home health care can provide all the necessary care for a senior.  Often the care needed by a senior is very specific and the care of an untrained professional is not enough.  In light of such a fact there are a number of home elderly home care workers that can better assist a senior should he or she need more specific care that can be provided via a home health care agency.  Elderly home care workers come from a range of backgrounds and offer both medical and ... Read More

What Types of Services are Included in Senior Home Care?

  Medical Care Home elderly healthcare is a means of treating the injuries/illnesses seniors may develop later in life in the comfort of his or her own home. Home elderly healthcare is usually requested immediately after seniors have been released from a hospital.  In such a situation home health aides are usually hired to treat seniors and, if requested teach the seniors’ families and/or friends how to administer medications/use medical equipment. The kind of ... Read More

Types of home care: At Home

  Most types of long-term at-home care can be in one of two categories: caregivers and home and community-based services (HCBSs). HCBSs provide a range of services that deal with support, health and personal needs. These services allow individuals to live at home with as much independence as possible. Caregivers allow elderly individuals to be at home and live independently. The majority of caregivers are unpaid. Caregiving The role of caregiver is usually filled by a... Read More

Medical Home Care Specialists

  Medical services for at home healthcare can vary drastically as it can cover anything from around the clock care to bathing and hygiene. You or your loved one may know that you need care but may not be sure just what is available. This article will serve as an overview of the services offered to seniors seeking medical services for at home healthcare. Professionals available for medical at home healthcare: Registered Nurses (RNs) and Certified Nursing ... Read More

Medicare Coverage in Home Care

Keeping up with medical costs as you age can get quite difficult, and while home health care services are often cheaper than nursing care, they still aren't cheap. Fortunately, Medicare can cover part, and sometimes most, of the expenses associated with hiring home health aides. However, there are certain criteria you must meet to qualify for the financial aid. Below is a brief explanation of how you can qualify for coverage, what it will cover, and what it likely will not ... Read More

How to Pay for Home Care Services

In home care for the elderly is what many families and seniors prefer, allowing the elderly to age at home.  However due to the expense involved in paying visiting nurses, nurses aides, and other home health services, at home healthcare can be too expensive for a senior’s family to afford out of pocket.  With the average live span of an elderly person being well into the 80’s it is not surprising that the majority of the elderly would require some sort of in home care or visiting... Read More

Guide to Non-Medical Home Care Services

A live in caregiver treating an elderly client aging at home should consider nonmedical care options. Although most family, friends, or volunteers can offer support at times, a live in caregiver knows that a patient aging at home will be in their care for long amounts of time. Because of this, it is important to know about nonmedical home care options that can assist you. The list of nonmedical services for elderly patients aging at home is thankfully an extensive one, and ... Read More

Services Covered in Non-Medical Home Care?

Unlike medical home care, non medical home care offers help and support for the elderly for activities for daily living (ADLs). Most of these forms of senior care involve maintaining a home setting that may have been hampered due to illness. They are not geared specifically to restoring physical health. Instead, non medical home care strives to keep the home setting as stress-free as possible despite its everyday stresses. Some of the services offered through non medical home... Read More

Non-Medical Senior services

There are a whole host of non-medical senior services that help those caring for the aged.  Caring for the aged can be very difficult for the many families that don’t want to relegate their loved one to nursing homes, but either work full time or live hundreds of miles away.  Long-Term Care  is something that many people need to look into as their loved ones age. Because caring for the aged long-term can be so difficult for family members, there are a range of senior services ... Read More

How to Choose a Non Medical Home Care Provider

  Choosing a non medical home care provider can be a daunting task.  Finding a care provider who can provide the services that the senior needs is the most important priority.  Unique concerns can arise when hiring a non medical care provider.  There are no certifications for non medical caregivers unlike the requirements for medical home care providers.  Concerns about the safety of the senior and other family members that live in the same household inevitably arise... Read More

Medical Home Care Services

  Medical home health care or medical in home care provides various medical caregiving in the home of those who need medical care. Usually medical home health care service is provided by a home health care agency. Generally the home health care agency is licensed and certified by Medicare. It is important to verify the home health care agency you are working with is properly licensed and has Medicare certification in order to receive Medicare benefits for medical ... Read More

Who’s Who in Medical Home Care?

With medical in home care, there are many different medical personnel available to provide home health services. It is helpful to understand the different roles of the care providers who may visit your elderly loved one’s home. Here is a list of the different types of care providers available for medical in home care. Medical Doctor (MD): Medical doctors play an important role by prescribing medical in home care for your elderly loved one. They also develop a plan for... Read More

Services For Medical Home Care

Medical in home health care can offer your help with caregiving in a variety of forms for you or your loved one depending on your individual needs. This article will offer a brief run-through of the different types of medical in home health care you can receive once you gain doctor approval. Specific Services for Medical In Home Health Care: Specialized Nursing Care Registered Nurses, or RNs, are the only caregiving specialists who can explicitly offer you medical in ... Read More

A Guide to Home Health Care

There are varieties of home healthcare agency services available to seniors who need home healthcare after an illness or injury.  Depending on what type medical services a senior may need, there may be many different healthcare personnel involved in the senior’s day-to-day care at home. Home Health Nurse A home health nurse is the primary person responsible for administering medical treatments.  A home healthcare agency nurse can be either a registered nurse (RN) or a ... Read More

Medical Social Workers in Home Care

Elderly services professionals at homecare agencies recognize the value of medical social workers. These individuals are available to provide critical elderly services and assist families in their changing needs resulting from a loved one’s medical condition. This field of homecare agencies can also provide emotional support and assistance in long term care, as well as give information on homecare agencies and elderly services around the community. What Home Care Agencies Do... Read More

Choosing Your Home Care Services

Once you have decided to stay at home and use at home care services, it is time to chose an at home service. What service or care giver you pick should be based on your medical, social and daily life activity needs. What follows are some tips and advice on looking for home care services or caregivers. Home health care agencies Agencies can be a great benefit to you when searching for at home care services. Agencies normally provide pre-screened caregivers and at home ... Read More

Planning for Home Health Care

  Home health services are often necessary for seniors as they age.  Seniors are often faced with the possibility of losing independence and having to rely on others to do household tasks.  This can be difficult to think about or discuss with family, so it is easy to understand why many seniors may put off thinking or planning how they want to be cared for if they are no longer able to care for themselves.  A senior who prefers to receive home health services instead... Read More

How to Find Home Healthcare Services

Most caretakers know that anyone that they are providing elderly care for really values their independent living. Few people have the time or the energy to provide elderly care to an individual 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is what leads many caregivers to search for home healthcare services, which is a growing industry (according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics) as people realize that this often costs far less than in-clinic care. Fortunately, there are a lot of home ... Read More

Aging at Home Requires Care and Assistance

Aging at home is something that many aspire to do.  Homecare agencies are there to provide care to those that prefer aging at home.  For many, the decision to contact homecare agencies is a long and difficult one.  It feels humiliating to admit that you can’t take care of yourself anymore.  Aging at home forces you to confront the fact that you may need help long before you are bedridden.  If you are unsure about contacting homecare agencies to provide in home care for ... Read More

The Differences Between Medical and Non-Medical Senior Home Care

  For those starting to seek senior home care, the differences between medical and non medical home care may seem confusing at first. Which services fall under which category? Which specific home care services do I need? How do I choose what I need? This article hopes to clear up some of that confusion and give you a better idea about the differences between these different home care services. A Doctor's Orders The main difference between medical and non-medical home ... Read More

Medical Home Care for Dementia

  Being a caretaker to a senior with dementia presents challenges that can sometimes be unexpected. Organizing Medications Due to the progressive nature of dementia and diseases like Alzheimer’s it becomes increasingly difficult for a senior to manage their own healthcare.  In the early stages, the senior may have trouble remembering the name of a medication or why they even take it.  These early memory lapses are temporary, but they can be dangerous if the ... Read More

What is Senior Home Health Care?

As people get older they may need more help with their day to day errands and at some point may even need the kind of help that only a senior home health care provider can provide.  In the event that a senior is hurt medical assistance on a more regular basis may become a necessity.  If such a situation should arise home health care can provide a solution.  Home health care is when a medical care provider is hired to watch over/care for a senior in the comfort of a senior’s home.... Read More

In Home Care Services: A Look At Senior Assisted Living

In home care services offered with senior assisted living are something that should be seriously considered as your loved one gets older. While the concept of senior assisted living is nothing new now, there was a time when in home care services were not as widely utilized for mainstream use. About Assisted Living Senior assisted living as most people know it emerged in the 1990s as an in home option for the elderly. For many of the individuals, independent living simply ... Read More

What Is Senior In Home Care?

With in home care, a care giver provides caregiving in the comfort of home. Does your elderly loved one find it increasingly more difficult to take care of every day needs? In home care (also referred as Senior home care) is a wide array of services that help meet those needs by providing care in the home of the senior. This means with in home care, seniors can receive caregiving and help they need from a care giver without having to move into a nursing home. In home care is ... Read More

What is In-Home Care?

In home care services can provide the elderly and their families an affordable option to help seniors maintain their independence while ensuring their safety and comfort.  Aging is a gradual process, as time passes most people will experience increasing difficulty doing the tasks once completed with ease or without much thought.   Perhaps they postpone appointments or stop cleaning the house as often as they once did.  Over time more little things get left undone- a light bulb ... Read More