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Choosing Home Care Made Sense For Us

  If there is something that my father loved more than anything, it was his dog, Skip. Skip had been with Dad ever since my mother had passed away five years ago. It seemed like Dad and Skip became immediate friends and I was really happy, as an only child, that Dad had a pet that he not only adored, but that he was able to care for and that kept him young, vibrant and busy throughout the day. Skip was certainly not a vicious dog, but he kept an eye on Dad just as Dad kept an... Read More

Home Care Benefited Us All

It was never a problem living far from my mother. My husband and I had moved about 2 hours away due to a job transfer but mom was always self sufficient and we never really had much to worry about. She was extremely vibrant and healthy until she was diagnosed. Of course the diagnosis hit us all hard and she went downhill quite quickly. My husband and I took turns making the four hour round trip several times a day and we made sure to call her every two hours to ensure that we ... Read More

Call for More Spending on Senior Home Care

Although the last generation spent most of their senior care money on nursing homes, today’s senior generations are asking for more of that money to go to in-home senior care and senior homes instead.  In Michigan, senior citizens feel that spending 80 percent of senior care dollars on nursing homes isn’t in keeping with the choices that most modern seniors are making.  Instead of spending their final years in nursing homes, many now prefer to stay at home.  Of course, with the ... Read More

Medical Care for Parents who Love Traveling

  My mother has been an avid traveler since my brother and I were young. You could never really tell where she and my father would take us when we were younger and as we got older, the travel continued. Even after my father passed away, my mother continued to travel. However, once she was diagnosed with her illness, we were afraid that her travel days were coming to an end. She was certainly upset my brother and I just weren’t able to come up with a solution until my ... Read More

Choosing Home Care For Your Loved One

There may be a time in your life where you will need to consider in home care for an elderly loved on, such as a parent or even a partner. When it comes to this, I know the decision can be difficult. I have gone through it myself and in our situation, we were able to find a lot of great resources out there which helped us choose the perfect in home care for our elderly parent. The choices available are overwhelming and if you are anything like I was, you will have ... Read More

Medical Home Care: Recovering After Hospitalization

Medical home care is often arranged for seniors before discharging them from a hospital. A senior that is recovering after a hospitalization may need nurses and other types of care to get well.  The senior may be well enough to leave a hospital, but they may not be well enough to take care of their medical needs on their own. Hospitals are often the facilities that make the diagnosis of a chronic disease. Medical home care is often the best option to help a senior adjust to the ... Read More

Home Health Care Goals and Expectations

Seniors coping with a variety of health conditions use home health care.  Seniors that suffer from a chronic disease that limits their ability to manage their health on their own or requires medical treatments that only a nurse can provide.  Seniors that are recovering from an injury or sudden illness may also need home health care services to help them heal properly and recover some of the abilities they lost due to an injury or illness.  The goal of home healthcare is to ... Read More

Home Health Care for Seniors: Vital Sign Monitoring

Home health care for seniors is more common than ever, and the demand for home care services is expected to increase dramatically over the next two decades as more of the baby boomer generation ages. Seniors and the elderly make up the fastest growing segment of the American population. As a result, more seniors are living longer with chronic diseases than ever before. A critical part of managing chronic diseases and home health care is the careful monitoring of a senior’s vital ... Read More

Why Use an In Home Care Agency?

  When searching for in home care for your elderly loved one, you might have considered the option to privately hire a care giver to provide caregiving for your elderly loved one. While this may seem like a good idea, there are several important factors you should consider before hiring a care giver outside of an in home care agency. Background check: When hiring a care giver to provide in home care, it is important to have substantial background checks done ... Read More

Advantage of Home Health Care

The home health services industry is continuing to grow year to year.  As more of the population reaches retirement age, the services available to the sick and elderly to enable them to remain in their homes as they age are also continuing to grow.  In a 2010 survey by AARP of 1,616 participants age 45 and older almost 75% of the participants stated that they would prefer to remain in their homes as long as possible as they age.   This is not a surprising statistic for care ... Read More

Home Health Aides: An Important Care Giver For Your Loved One

  When it comes to home health aides, your loved one should have the best care giver in their corner. Knowing what to look for in one, at and away from the hospital,  is extremely important.  There are many different types of home health care specialists: Registered Nurses: An experienced RN care giver should be able to provide your loved one with skilled services all home health aides are expected to provide, such as injections, wound care, case management, and more. ... Read More

Senior Care: The Home Nurse

  <p style="margin-top:0in;margin-right:0in;margin-bottom:6.85pt;margin-left: 0in;line-height:15.6pt;background:white"> A home nurse provides senior care to patients and promotes health, disease prevention, and helps patients cope with their respective illnesses. A home nurse serves as a seniorcare advocate and serves as an educator to patients, families, and communities as well. <p style="margin-top:0in;margin-right:0in;margin-bottom:6.85pt;margin-left: 0in;... Read More

Elderly Home Care: The Certified Nurse Assistant

  The Certified Nurse Assistant, also known as CNA, provides elderly home care and assists patients with their needs under the eye of a Registered Nurse (RN) or a licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). Also known as just Nurse Assistants (NA), this is a role that provides elderly home care at a high level, though issues of liability prevent them from performing certain procedures. The nurse aide provides elderly home care under direct supervision. Since nurse assistants have ... Read More

Paying for In Home Care with PACE and Medicare

A senior that needs long-term home care may exhaust the traditional Medicare payments.  Since Medicare is only designed to home care services for a short period of time, a senior or their family will have to pay increasing costs out of pocket. For many seniors paying the costs for the home care they need can empty savings accounts and eventually require them to do what they can to qualify for Medicaid.  This may require selling their home or other assets and paying Medicaid ... Read More

Services Provided in Non-Medical Home Care

Non medical home care provides a wide range of caregiving that is not considered as skilled medical care. Typically these services do not require special qualifications. The type of care giver is supportive and custodial. The amount of caregiving is flexible and can be easily tailored to your loved one’s needs. Caregiving can range from a few hours a week to having a full time live in caregiver. Here is a list of some of the caregiving generally provided in non medical home ... Read More

5 Important Home Care Questions

When choosing a non medical in home care agency for your elderly loved one, it is very important to ask the right questions before agreeing on elder care services. In many states anyone can become a caretaker, start a non medical in home care business, and provide elder care services without a license. For your protection it is essential to find a reputable in home care agency. Here is a list of five vital questions you must ask before hiring a non medical in home care agency... Read More

Services For Medical Home Care

Medical in home health care can offer your help with caregiving in a variety of forms for you or your loved one depending on your individual needs. This article will offer a brief run-through of the different types of medical in home health care you can receive once you gain doctor approval. Specific Services for Medical In Home Health Care: Specialized Nursing Care Registered Nurses, or RNs, are the only caregiving specialists who can explicitly offer you medical in ... Read More

A Guide to Home Health Care

There are varieties of home healthcare agency services available to seniors who need home healthcare after an illness or injury.  Depending on what type medical services a senior may need, there may be many different healthcare personnel involved in the senior’s day-to-day care at home. Home Health Nurse A home health nurse is the primary person responsible for administering medical treatments.  A home healthcare agency nurse can be either a registered nurse (RN) or a ... Read More

Care Giver Guide: Finding A Home Nurse

Hiring a home nurse care giver is an excellent option for a person that wants their loved one to live with them for as long as possible. If you can afford it, a home nurse as a care giver can take care of just about anything you can think of for senior citizens or just help you out when things get too overwhelming The most direct way to find a home nurse care giver is just hire someone to come in and care for your loved one for extended amounts of time. This is more ... Read More

Seeking Out Senior Care

As the average age in America continues to rise in in home senior care has seen a recent explosion. Many care providers continue to pop up to meet the pending demand in the coming years. With so many to choose from, though, which one should you or your loved one pick? An especially important point to consider is that, with demand ever increasing, the number of professionals without proper qualifications continues to rise as well. Picking out the right care provider can ... Read More

A Guide to Home Health Care Agency Services

There are varieties of home health care agency services available to seniors who need home healthcare after an illness or injury.  Depending on what type medical services an elderly patient may need, there may be many different healthcare personnel involved in the senior’s day-to-day care at home. Home Health Nurse A home health nurse is the primary person responsible for administering medical treatments.  A home health nurse can be either a registered nurse (RN) or a licensed... Read More