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Prepare for Home Care

As an employment specialist in San Francisco, Julie Baldocchi had no experience or knowledge when it came to providing senior care. When her mother suddenly had a massive stroke in July though, she was suddenly immersed in her care and was caught completely off-guard at the responsibility. “I was flying by the seat of my pants,” she said, but she decided to take on the task anyway because she wasn’t willing to put her mother in a home as the hospital had recommended. Instead, she... Read More

Tips for Alzheimer's In-Home Care

If you’ve decided to take on the challenge of providing in-home care for a loved one suffering from Alzheimer’s, you know you have a tough road ahead of you. As the disease progresses, understanding how to deal with your loved one’s needs can become confusing. The illness can cause people to be frustrated, angry, and sad, which are difficult emotions to deal with on a daily basis. Knowing what to expect and preparing for these situations is important. There are also a few things ... Read More

Need Help with Senior Care?

With so many seniors living with their kids during their elderly years, many of their now adult children have become their caregivers.  Home care has become a popular choice.  It allows families to save money and to spend more time together.  Unfortunately, though, as seniors age, in-home care can become more difficult, especially when proper medical expertise or 24 hour supervision is needed.  For those who do not have this expertise or who cannot stay home with their aging ... Read More

Housing Developments Adapt to Senior Care Trends

Some cultures have included multiple generations in their homes for centuries, in America though, it has only recently become a trend.  Many seniors are opting for in-home care opposed to other more expensive senior care homes in an effort to save money and to be close to their loved ones.  Their children, as well as their grandchildren, may also need to group up to save money due to the bad economy.  This is causing architects to rethink the way they design family housing ... Read More

How We Chose Home Care for Mom

  When my brother called to tell me that Mom had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, I definitely tried to be strong. I knew about Alzheimer’s and I knew what it would do to her. I also knew that we would have to find a solution for her care as the disease progressed. Both of my brothers traveled for work, so I was the only one of Mom’s kids who was around and able to give her a lot of care. After my brothers and I met for dinner to discuss a plan, we knew there was only ... Read More

How We Found At-Home Treatment for Dad

We were all quite shocked when our elderly and otherwise healthy father was diagnosed with terminal cancer three years ago. Though we were saddened, my sister and I immediately went into care mode and really catered to our dad’s every need. However, after a few months of watching Dad’s health decline before our eyes, we knew that we wouldn’t be able to handle his care for much longer and we would have to put him into a care home. As we began telling our friends and ... Read More

Ensuring the Comforts of Home Health Care

When we found out about our father’s diagnosis, we knew that it was a matter of time before he would need around the clock care, and we began looking at options such as local nursing homes. It really broke my heart though that dad would be in a nursing home. I knew he needed the care that a nursing home would provide, but I also knew that he would be unable to keep up on his passion of cooking. Dad was a chef in the army and cooked for high ranking officials. He never lost ... Read More

Home Health Care vs. Non-Medical Care

Everyone wants their elderly loved ones to have the best care possible, but sometimes that can be hard to find or even to determine if they are getting the best senior care possible once you have decided on a solution. Many people look into providing in home care for their loved ones, but then become confused about the difference between in home care and home health care. While home health care and in home care are able to provide some of the same assistance they actually are ... Read More

Medical Home Care: Recovering After Hospitalization

Medical home care is often arranged for seniors before discharging them from a hospital. A senior that is recovering after a hospitalization may need nurses and other types of care to get well.  The senior may be well enough to leave a hospital, but they may not be well enough to take care of their medical needs on their own. Hospitals are often the facilities that make the diagnosis of a chronic disease. Medical home care is often the best option to help a senior adjust to the ... Read More

The Advantages of In Home Care Services

In recent years, there has been a shift in adult care. Many primary caregivers have been forced to look elsewhere for help due to their work schedules and financial commitments. With this trend continuing to grow, in home care services have become a virtual necessity for some seeking adult care. For those who are not comfortable with the idea of living in a nursing home or retirement facility, in home care services can offer a cheaper and more comfortable alternative. In ... Read More

Aging At Home: Are In Home Care Services For You?

  Deciding whether or not to you need in home care services is extremely important if you’re aging at home.  Being an elderly citizen has enough challenges, so we’ve created a quick list of things to think about when considering in home care services for your needs. Activity level: Reduced physical output as you’re aging at home can be a result of a number of things, but it could also be a sign of more serious symptoms like depression. If it is, in home care ... Read More

Types of Home Health Care

  Home health care can provide all the necessary care for a senior.  Often the care needed by a senior is very specific and the care of an untrained professional is not enough.  In light of such a fact there are a number of home elderly home care workers that can better assist a senior should he or she need more specific care that can be provided via a home health care agency.  Elderly home care workers come from a range of backgrounds and offer both medical and ... Read More

How to Find Home Healthcare Services

Most caretakers know that anyone that they are providing elderly care for really values their independent living. Few people have the time or the energy to provide elderly care to an individual 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is what leads many caregivers to search for home healthcare services, which is a growing industry (according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics) as people realize that this often costs far less than in-clinic care. Fortunately, there are a lot of home ... Read More

How to Find a Home Healthcare Agency

If you are in need of in home care to help with the elderly care that you need to provide to a loved one you will find that there are many facilities that help provide the in home care that you need. A lot of people do not realize the immense amount of work that is involved with caring for a senior citizen, and how it can truly take both an emotional as well as a physical toll on an individual. This is why home healthcare agencies were established. These agencies are made up of ... Read More

Aging at Home Requires Care and Assistance

Aging at home is something that many aspire to do.  Homecare agencies are there to provide care to those that prefer aging at home.  For many, the decision to contact homecare agencies is a long and difficult one.  It feels humiliating to admit that you can’t take care of yourself anymore.  Aging at home forces you to confront the fact that you may need help long before you are bedridden.  If you are unsure about contacting homecare agencies to provide in home care for ... Read More

Types of Home Healthcare Services

It can be rather confusing to try and figure out exactly what type of home healthcare services your ageing parent may need. Believe it or not, there are quite a lot of home healthcare services available when it comes to hiring a person or agency to provide for the needs of an ill or ageing individual. Many of these options such as adult day care or a companion can actually be found for free through insurance or community programs. The adult day care programs are amazing ... Read More

What Type of Home Care Do You Need?

  Home Care has become a perfect solution for providing in care at home for people who need it the most, but do not wish to be checked into an institution. There are several ways that home healthcare is provided to the senior citizens in need of this specialized form of care. The in home care that some individuals need is not necessarily medically related. Sometimes all an elderly person needs is a little bit of companionship, and they can be well on their way to ... Read More

What Exactly is Senior Home Health Care?

There are quite a lot of stress points that can be associated with getting older. While some of them can be rather vain, others are quite serious and important such as who exactly will be caring for you once you reach a certain age or if you become disabled. There are quite a lot of options available. You may move into in a senior assisted living facility or have a live in caregiver. Many people may even choose to move in with their children.  These are only a few of the many ... Read More

Wisconsin Senior Home Care Resources

  Wisconsin provides its elderly with many resources to help them find the senior home care services they need.  Whether it is caretaker support, assistance locating home care agencies and other senior services, or insurance benefits, there are a variety of programs available to Wisconsin’s seniors and their families to help age in place. Caretaker Support and Home Care Resources Helping a senior retain their independence can be difficult for families at times.  It can... Read More

Becoming a Caretaker for a Senior- What to Expect

  Becoming a caretaker for a senior who has been independent can be a difficult and emotional undertaking.  The more independent the senior is the more they may resist assistance.  Many times becoming a caretaker does not happen overnight.  Usually it is a gradual process.  Becoming a caretaker starts by assisting the senior with small tasks that increase over time as the senior has more difficulty managing their daily life.  Whether this starts with help doing household... Read More

Activities for Seniors Receiving in Home Care

  A senior that receives in home care has special needs for mental and social stimulation that a home environment does not always provide.  Imagine not being able to leave your home to do simple things like go to the grocery store or library or even just going outside for a refreshing walk in the fall.  It would become monotonous and boring to be inside a home 24 hours a day 7 days a week with no expectations of it changing.  However, many homebound seniors face this ... Read More

Senior Home Care Services as an Alternative to Nursing Homes

The type of senior services offered through homecare agencies have become much more flexible than in the past.  If a loved one is aging and needs additional help that a family cannot provide, homecare agencies may be able to help.  The senior services home care agencies offer today can delay the need for traditional nursing home care for many seniors. Home Healthcare Agency Services Due to the increasing number of seniors, the demand for more flexible home care ... Read More

What is Senior Home Health Care?

As people get older they may need more help with their day to day errands and at some point may even need the kind of help that only a senior home health care provider can provide.  In the event that a senior is hurt medical assistance on a more regular basis may become a necessity.  If such a situation should arise home health care can provide a solution.  Home health care is when a medical care provider is hired to watch over/care for a senior in the comfort of a senior’s home.... Read More

In Home Care Services: A Look At Senior Assisted Living

In home care services offered with senior assisted living are something that should be seriously considered as your loved one gets older. While the concept of senior assisted living is nothing new now, there was a time when in home care services were not as widely utilized for mainstream use. About Assisted Living Senior assisted living as most people know it emerged in the 1990s as an in home option for the elderly. For many of the individuals, independent living simply ... Read More

What Is Senior In Home Care?

With in home care, a care giver provides caregiving in the comfort of home. Does your elderly loved one find it increasingly more difficult to take care of every day needs? In home care (also referred as Senior home care) is a wide array of services that help meet those needs by providing care in the home of the senior. This means with in home care, seniors can receive caregiving and help they need from a care giver without having to move into a nursing home. In home care is ... Read More

Common Confusing Words Related to Senior Caregiving

While searching for in home care and caregiving options, different terminology, unfamiliar acronyms, and words that look similar may cause confusion. Here is a list of common terms you may come across that many people find confusing. In home care (or homecare): Numerous variations to the word “in home care” confuse many people. Basically, in home care is any form of caregiving that is provided in the home of the care recipient. There are two different types of in home care. One ... Read More

The Realities of Long-term Home Care

Many seniors and their families do not realize how expensive long-term care can be even when using home care services and informal family care arrangements.  According to Mass Mutual Financial Group the average annual cost of a private nursing home was over $75,000 in 2006, and according to CNN Money the average cost of four hours a day of home care is almost $40,000 a year. Unless a senior has been planning for the eventuality of having to pay for their own health care as an ... Read More

What is In-Home Care?

In home care services can provide the elderly and their families an affordable option to help seniors maintain their independence while ensuring their safety and comfort.  Aging is a gradual process, as time passes most people will experience increasing difficulty doing the tasks once completed with ease or without much thought.   Perhaps they postpone appointments or stop cleaning the house as often as they once did.  Over time more little things get left undone- a light bulb ... Read More