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Home Care Questions to Ask

If you are looking for a home health care agency (aka medical in home care) for your elderly loved one because his or her physician prescribed home health care services by a medically skilled care provider, most likely those services will be paid by Medicare. To ensure proper health care services and coverage by Medicare, it is important to find a qualified home health care agency.

Here are 5 important questions you must ask the home health care agency to ensure proper health care services and Medicare coverage.

  1. What types of care provider screening and background checks are done by the home health care agency?
    Since your elderly loved one is receiving medical health care services, it is important the care provider has proper training and credentials. Also Medicare will only cover health care services provided by a properly licensed care provider.
  2. Does the home health care agency and care providers work with my loved one’s doctor when implementing care?
    In order to receive Medicare coverage, your loved one’s doctor must prescribe medical care and make a plan for your loved one’s in home health care services.
  3. Is the home health care agency fully licensed and certified by Medicare?
    This question is important because if the home health care agency is not fully certified by Medicare, the health care services will not be covered by Medicare.

    Even if you are not planning to pay with Medicare, the federal requirements for Medicare certification are put in place to protect the health and safety of your elderly loved one.
  4. Is the home health care agency accredited by an independent governing agency such as The Joint Commission (TJC)?
    By working with an in home care agency that has TJC or other nationally recognized accreditation, your elderly loved one will be ensured proper health care services.

    You can review the agency’s results of their latest accreditation and see how their quality was rated in the accreditation survey.
  5. How does the home health care agency handle expenses and billing? Are the fees covered by Medicare?
    You want to make sure the health care services provided by the home health care agency will be covered by Medicare.

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