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Activities for Seniors Receiving in Home Care

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A senior that receives in home care has special needs for mental and social stimulation that a home environment does not always provide.  Imagine not being able to leave your home to do simple things like go to the grocery store or library or even just going outside for a refreshing walk in the fall.  It would become monotonous and boring to be inside a home 24 hours a day 7 days a week with no expectations of it changing.  However, many homebound seniors face this reality.  Family caretakers may not realize that a change of scenery would lift their loved one’s mood.

Depending on the condition of a senior who receives home health care, arranging trips outside the home may be very difficult, but it is worthwhile as long as the trip will not risk their physical health.  Sometimes just going outside on a beautiful day can do wonders for a senior. 

It is unrealistic to expect to be able to take a housebound senior on an outing every single day.  Caretakers can introduce other activities to keep the senior mentally engaged. 

Hobbies for Seniors

Most adults have hobbies that give them enjoyment and pleasure.  Seniors may not participate in the hobbies they did when they were younger due to physical limitations, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are no longer interested.  There are usually similar activities that a caretaker can introduce that can awaken some of the enjoyment that a senior used to get form their hobbies. 

If a senior used to fish a lot perhaps getting them an aquarium with interesting species would give them some enjoyment, or if a senior used to knit or crochet and can no longer due to arthritis perhaps they would enjoy helping a younger person learn.  A senior who read a lot, but has severe vision problems may enjoy an mp3 player.  A home caretaker can load it with digital books they would enjoy.  Audiobooks can be almost as good as reading, and since many narrators are enjoyable to listen to it can take a little pressure off of a caretaker that cannot read well out loud.

Interaction with Family and Friends

A senior may also become very lonely in a home care environment.  If they do not have regular visitors, or if they were used to entertaining many friends, only seeing the same caretakers and no one else can be downright depressing.  Making sure the senior is able to attend community functions or family events can help them not feel so alone.  Also arranging visits from other family and friends when possible is also important.  If the senior lives a great distance from their children and grandchildren, using either a computer or mobile-based videoconference for virtual visits can be immensely enjoyable.

No one would want to be stuck in their homes bored and alone.   Seniors and the elderly are no different.  Taking the time to understand what they enjoy and how to incorporate that in to their more limited lifestyle can improve their mood and possibly their mental health.  Use our free service to get started today!