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Adult Care: The Village Concept Gaining Popularity Over Elderly Homes

Adult care in elderly homes being impacted by the economy just as much as anything else. Independent seniors looking to tighten their own spending for adult care are starting to take up a popular new option: the village concept.

Under the village concept, active seniors receive adult care without having to rely on elderly homes and the like. Members join up with a “village” and get access to special adult care programs and services. Some of these services include trips to the grocery store, specialized adult care, assistance with chores, as well as a network of social with other village members. There are currently more than 50 village groups across the United States, and each provide their own specialized version of adult care for people opting against elderly homes.

Tom Rasmussen is a big village supporter. A native of Seattle and city council member, Rasmussen is helping his mother become a candidate for the adult care service and North East Seattle Together (NEST) is assisting with that. He feels that elderly homes aren’t the best fit for her, and is hoping she can get the best adult care through them.

“I do think that we need to strengthen a support system for seniors who want to stay in their own homes,” Rasmussen says. “NEST certainly is an option for [adult care].”

Valerie VanBooven agrees. The author of The Senior Solution: A Family Guide to Keeping Seniors Home For Life, consulted with a number of elderly homes and adult care specialists and found that many older adults just want to stay home. And they can under the right supervision.

“Set up properly, seniors can stay in his or her home for their entire life. As long as adult care can be paid for, or provided by family members locally, and as long as the living situation is safe and comfortable, seniors stay at home,” she says.

To see if elderly homes or village adult care is right for your loved one, contact your doctor or local home care agency.