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Advice for Hiring Home Care Aide

Whether you choose to hire an independent caregiver or one sent from an agency there are a few universal rules that apply to hiring a caregiver. These tips will help make the choice an easier affair to deal with.

Interview candidates before hiring

You will want to meet the potential caregiver who you are hiring to help you, even if the caregiver is from an agency. You will want to make sure that it is a right fit. Interview at least several candidates before hiring and if it makes you feel safer, you may interview your potential cargivers in a public place before letting them into your home.

Discuss the tasks that you need help with

Make sure you are specific about the tasks you need help with. To assess your caregiver’s experience with the tasks, ask the potential caregiver open-ended questions about the tasks you need help with. Also make sure that the caregiver is comfortable with the tasks you require help on.

Discuss payment and dismissal procedures

Discuss the payment procedures. If you work with an independent caregiver, it will be important to discuss when they will get paid, taxes and what grounds will cause a termination of their employment with you. If you are working with a home health agency, learn what is covered in the home health agency contract with you. Ask for any information about additional fees that may be associated with specific services or add-ons, like nursing or housekeeping. Also learn about what are their procedures for requesting another caregiver or terminating a caregiver.

Check backgrounds and references carefully

If you are working with a home health agency, you’ll want to know how they perform background checks on the potential caregivers they send to you. Learn what exactly is covered in the background check and how the check is done. If you are hiring an independent caregiver, you can check the Internet, your local police department or find a service that performs background checks.

When checking you potential caregiver’s references always call more than one reference. Listen to how the reference answers questions about the potential caregiver you are hiring. Do not only focus on what the reference is saying, focus on their tone too.

Move on if it’s not the right fit

While it’s nice to hire a caregiver who seems friendly and nice, if they aren’t the right fit, it’s best to look for someone else. This is especially important since this caregiver is providing services to you in the privacy of your own home. Although, if you think a miscommunication has happened, work on ironing it out. If that doesn’t help, don’t be afraid to move on.

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