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Choosing the Best Home Care Agency

At home care has become a big industry for senior independent living over the years. With so many options, it’s best to research all of your at home care options. Choosing a senior independent living is an extremely important thing for treating your loved ones, so ask these questions as you make your decisions:

1. How long as this at home care facility been in business?

This doesn’t always mean that the senior independent living service that has been around is better, but it’s usually not a bad thing for a person seeking at home care for their loved one to look at. 

2. What is the screening process for this at home care facility?

Does this particular senior independent living service screen their caregivers? Do they provide reference checks? Criminal history? Drug screening? Make sure all of these are in the clear before moving forward.

3. Does this at home care facility employ the caregiver?

Some senior independent living services are actually placement services, where you would actually be the at home care employer. This would make you liable for employment taxes and other responsibilities.

4. Does this senior independent living facility have a reputation for quality at home care?

This kind of ties into the first question, but it’s worth elaborating on. Before you start your search, make sure to look at our convenient service for various senior independent living facilities and see how their own customers/patients rate their at home care. Most places uses quality scores or customer comments, so they should be easy to figure out.

Word of mouth reviews from friends and family who have used senior independent living services for at home care are another great resource that’s available to you right now. Talk to everyone you can and see the experiences they had, good or bad, before you make that final choice on someone.