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Changes to Home Care

Prior to the passage of the Federal Balanced Budget act of 1997, more and more patients were opting for at home care.  Due to the abuses of the Medicare system and the fraud that was being perpetrated, the federal government put strict limitations on in home care services.  The restrictions limiting when at home care would be covered by Medicare may have adversely affected the standard of care for those patients.  In home care services are generally accepted to be better for the patient when possible, but with the change in how at home care is administered it may no longer be the best option.  Patients that receive care in a hospital setting have recourse when they are discharged.  At that point they can pursue such options as:

How the Changes Affect Home Care

Those that start with at home care have no more care once they are discharged from the program.  This lessening of the quality of care available may be an unintended side effect of addressing the fraudulent Medicare claims.  The dramatic decrease in at home care services between before the act was passed and following the act is probably somewhat due to fraud, but in other instances may be due to the lack of accessibility of needed care.

The changes in the system for approving in home care services may have negatively affected the recovery times of, potentially, millions of patients.  Thankfully, for those that are interested in ensuring that their family receive only the highest standard of care, in home care services are some of the least expensive options for aging relatives.  Paying out of pocket for nursing home care is impossible for most families, but paying out of pocket for intermittent nursing is usually doable. 

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