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Care Giver Guide: Finding A Home Nurse

Hiring a home nurse care giver is an excellent option for a person that wants their loved one to live with them for as long as possible. If you can afford it, a home nurse as a care giver can take care of just about anything you can think of for senior citizens or just help you out when things get too overwhelming

The most direct way to find a home nurse care giver is just hire someone to come in and care for your loved one for extended amounts of time. This is more frequently used when a home nurse care giver is needed 24 hours a day. Most home nurse care givers don’t have medical skills, so it’s important to note that a medical nurse or therapist be hired if your loved one requires those particular things.

Another way to pay a home nurse care giver, or a least a partial way, is to arrange for them to live with you. If you’ve got an extra room in the house this is an especially ideal arrangement as you’ll always have them around to help with your loved one. Under this option, you would be spending much less money than you typically would with a regular home health care agency.

Who Are Care Givers?

College students, particularly married ones who have small children, are ideal candidates to be a home nurse care giver if they have a need for housing arrangements. They can also be simple companions to seniors.  This also has an added benefit, as often a young child can have positive effects being around senior citizens and vice versa.

Older individuals are also another ideal candidate to be a home nurse care giver. Most of the time, they are just looking to nurture and care for other elderly citizens, so this option works out for everybody.

For more information on finding a home nurse care giver for your loved one, contact your local health agency