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Choosing Your Home Care Services

Once you have decided to stay at home and use at home care services, it is time to chose an at home service. What service or care giver you pick should be based on your medical, social and daily life activity needs. What follows are some tips and advice on looking for home care services or caregivers.

Home health care agencies

Agencies can be a great benefit to you when searching for at home care services. Agencies normally provide pre-screened caregivers and at home aides. Since the caregiver companion works for the agency, the agency is responsible for billing and taxing. Another benefit of working with an agency is that if caregiver doesn’t work out then a replacement can be quickly provided.

Although home health care agencies can charge a higher price for home care services then independent caregiver, it may be worth it for the ease and safety they provide with background-checked caregivers and their ability to deal with issues such a theft or replacing caregiver when they are sick or when the relationship between you and your caregiver doesn’t work out.

The other option available to you besides an agency is registries and independent providers. These may be your best bet if you cannot afford the agency price and you have time on your hands to do research.

Independent providers

As mentioned before, independent caregivers usually cost less than caregivers employed by an agency; with that said, there are quite a few things you will have to deal with if you do go with an independent caregiver. First you will need to be aware of any tax and Social Security requirements that you will have to fulfill since hiring an independent caregiver is the same as hiring an employee.

You will also need to do a background and identity check on your independent caregiver since there is no independent verification available to you. Last but not least, you will need to be responsible for finding any backup care you may need in case your caregiver cannot come due to illness.

Hopefully now that you are informed, you are ready to start pursuing at home care services. If you are still looking for guidance, contact an agency near you.