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Do You Need Home Care?

It can be hard to know when it is time to look for senior at home care. What is known is that a decrease in your ability to complete daily life activities is a significant factor in deciding on if you need senior at home care; and a combination of lifestyle factors can increase your chances of needing senior at home care sooner rather than later.

The first activities you should look at when considering if you need or do not need senior in home care are your daily life activities. These are the activities you do every day without thinking about it. Daily life activities should be considered when you are deciding on if you need senior at home care or not.

To help you think about this concept answer these questions. On a scale of 1- 5, how much help do you need with these Daily Life Activities?
(1- None 5- A lot)

Personal Hygiene Activities
Personal hygiene activities include tasks such as bathing, undressing, toilet use and more.  A personal companion can help with this.

Life Management Activities
Life management activities include managing money, paying bills, shopping, housework (sweeping, vacuuming, dusting, laundry, and dishwashing) and more.

In addition to these activities, they are a host of other daily living activities that can be used to determine if you need senior at home care. Another daily life activity called transferring, which is the ability to get out of a bathtub or a chair or on and off of a toilet and more, is a big deciding factor in assessing whether you need to senior at home assistance.

When it comes to planning ahead for senior at home care, there are other factors you can look at that will help you plan your senior at home care. Here are a few.

As you become older, the risk increases for you to become unable to complete commonplace activities.

Because women live longer, they are generally at risk more than men.

A poor diet combined with no exercise can increase risks.

Marital Status
Single people are more likely to need paid senior at home services.

There are a lot of factors to consider when deciding on if you need at home care. When deciding, make sure to consider the factors and plan ahead if possible.  If something more than at-home care is needed, then perhaps one should look into assisted living homes.