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Medical Social Workers in Home Care

Elderly services professionals at homecare agencies recognize the value of medical social workers. These individuals are available to provide critical elderly services and assist families in their changing needs resulting from a loved one’s medical condition. This field of homecare agencies can also provide emotional support and assistance in long term care, as well as give information on homecare agencies and elderly services around the community.

What Home Care Agencies Do

Here’s a more specific example of what these homecare agencies can do. A medical social worker, specializing in elderly services, is informed that a patient is cleared for discharged and will need home care services. It is at this point that the medical social worker would contact homecare agencies that provide the best of elderly services and arrange for that service to be in place by the time the patient is cleared for release. If the elderly services homecare agencies are not able to do so, the patient might not be able to leave the hospital, resulting in a discharge delay until the proper arrangements are met.

This particular field of homecare agencies needs to be able to work cooperatively with other members of a patient’s treatment team, since they’ll eventually have direct access to the patient’s day to day elderly services care. But, most of all, these homecare agencies workers need to act as the ultimate advocate for the patients, especially in times where the patient could potentially be at risk.

Homecare agencies that provide these kinds of elderly services often have large case loads and have to meet tight deadlines for arranging things for their patients. It is not uncommon for these homecare agencies to deal with problems involving homelessness, chronic unemployment, lack of income, lack of health insurance coverage, history of incarceration, and substance abuse problems. All of these are potential road blocks in this field of elderly services, so if you have any of these setbacks, a medial social worker is a good thing to have in your corner.

For more information on homecare agencies that provide elderly services such as this, contact your local health agency.