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How to Find Home Healthcare Services

Most caretakers know that anyone that they are providing elderly care for really values their independent living. Few people have the time or the energy to provide elderly care to an individual 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is what leads many caregivers to search for home healthcare services, which is a growing industry (according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics) as people realize that this often costs far less than in-clinic care. Fortunately, there are a lot of home healthcare services available, and many of them will allow an individual the independent living that they so love, while still providing the necessary elderly care to patients.

In fact, the costs seem reasonable, especially when compared to inpatient care at clinics or hospitals. If your loved one has insurance or medicare, the out-of-pocket costs to you will likely be far less than what is mentioned below.

In 2009 The Average Costs For Senior Citizen or Elderly Care:

  • $198/day for a semi-private room in a nursing home
  • $219/day for a private room in a nursing home
  • $3,131/month for care in an Assisted Living Facility (for a one-bedroom unit)
  • $21/hour for a Home Health Aide
  • $19/hour for a Homemaker services
  • $67/day for care in an Adult Day Health Care Center

Why Choose Senior Care

Senior citizen care can be quite expensive, both in terms of time and money. We live in a generation where people are choosing to have children much later in life than they ever did before. The responsibilities of home, career and family make it much more difficult than in previous generations when most families were one income families and one parent remained at home and could provide elderly care. This means that in turn most grandparents are much older than they used to be. This means that it may no longer be appropriate for children to bring their parents into their homes and care for them without significant help.  Independent living may not necessarily be an option, but home healthcare services will provide the caretakers an individual needs to help get them through each and everyday without harm.

If a child is unable to provide the elderly care that their parent needs, then they want to make sure that they provide their parent with one of the best caretakers possible. Home healthcare services do exactly that. They make sure than anything needed is taken care of, and they do so by sending certified professionals to take care of it. It can be rather upsetting for an ageing individual to slowly see all of their abilities diminish. This is why so many people are so specific about wanting to maintain their independent living. Home healthcare services help merge the gap between the caretakers and the person needing elderly care. The growing nature of the industry means that caretakers and families are far better able to work together to ensure the best quality of life for ageing patients.