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In Home Care - A Senior’s Best Option

Home care for seniors


Many seniors if given the choice would prefer to remain in their home for as long as possible as they age.  Besides the memories a senior has created in their home, they often have a strong connection to their community.  This may seem like a difficult request for a family to accommodate especially if they do not live nearby. 

While a senior would prefer aging in place to being moved to an assisted living facility or nursing home, their families may pressure them to move out of fear.  Families fear that the senior will not be safe and taken care of, or that the family will have to spend much of their time taking care of them and not be able to enjoy their own lives.

Home Care Agencies

In home care is the best option for these seniors and their families.  In home care can provide the senior the assistance and resources they need to remain at home and provide their family with assurance that their loved on is being taken care of and safe.

In home care agencies can complete almost every task that a senior could possibly need.  They can provide medical care through nurses and nurse aides as well as housekeeping help and companionship.  Whether a senior needs help for a few hours a day or around the clock care home care agencies are able to provide qualified and screened staff to meet these needs.

Memories and Home Care

For seniors with early Alzheimer’s and other memory impairments a move out of their home can be traumatic and disorienting.  The routines at a nursing home may be drastically different from the schedule they kept at home.  They may have neighbor that they are used to visiting with or look forward to attending the same church they have attended for most of their lives.  While many nursing homes and assisted living facilities attempt to mimic these communities very few actually succeed in creating even an illusion of an independent community. 

For a senior to have to get rid of almost all their possessions to move from their home into a room at a facility can be depressing.  The chair their husband used to sit in is no longer there.  The furniture they may have saved up for will not be able to go with them.  The trees they planted in the yard are no longer there to watch on a snowy day.  While these seem like superficial possessions, it is not the "things" that a senior will miss.  It is the constant memories that fill their home that they created over a lifetime. 

While a nursing home may be the only option for some seniors, for many it should be the last option.