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Paying for Home Health Services

There are several instances where you can get Medicare home health care services with little to no out of pocket costs.  If the patient in question meets all four of the following criteria, Medicare home health care services are available.

  • A Doctor must order home health services and draw up a care plan.
  • The patient must need some type of medical care from a specialist, such as part-time nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, or speech therapy.
  • The home health services agency must be Medicare approved.
  • The patient must be home-bound.

Medicare home health care is very specific about the requirements that must be met in order to bill Medicare for services rendered.  If the Medicare home health care regulations are not followed correctly Medicare can refuse to authorize a payment and the patient is left holding the bill.  Because Medicare home health care can be started in anticipation of approval, this can leave patients in a very tenuous financial position. 

Benefits of Getting Care at Home

Other home health services that are available through Medicare include the services of a home health aide.  These home health services will only be covered if the patient is already qualified to receive nursing care at home.  If home health services can’t be billed to Medicare, the cost can be very high.  Home health services can cost upwards of $120 per visit, for the first hour.  If a patient needs care more than once a week the monthly cost can be over a thousand dollars.  However, even at that price, home health services are substantially cheaper than full care in-patient services or assisted living facilities.

To learn more about how to bill home health services contact your local agency.