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Paying for In Home Care with PACE and Medicare

A senior that needs long-term home care may exhaust the traditional Medicare payments.  Since Medicare is only designed to home care services for a short period of time, a senior or their family will have to pay increasing costs out of pocket.

For many seniors paying the costs for the home care they need can empty savings accounts and eventually require them to do what they can to qualify for Medicaid.  This may require selling their home or other assets and paying Medicaid for the increased coverage benefits.

PACE Program Details

The limitations of the Medicare program coverage for seniors that need long-term home care are well known.  What many seniors and there families may not be aware of is a Medicare Programs of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly known as PACE.  In order to qualify for PACE a senior 55 years or older must need the amount of care provided in a nursing home, and demonstrate that they would be safe receiving this care in a home care setting.

PACE is free for those seniors that already receive state Medicaid insurance.  Those seniors whose income or assets exceed the limits to qualify for Medicaid will have to pay a premium to Medicare for the programs.  Unlike many other Medicare insurance options all services covered by PACE are paid for 100% with no copays or other out of pocket costs.

PACE Home Care Services

PACE provides coverage for almost every home care service a senior could need.  Medicare provides a detailed listing in their brochure on the PACE programs.  Unfortunately, there are not PACE providers in all 50 states, but many states have multiple providers who participate in the programs.  The Department of Health and Human Services has a searchable database of all participating providers.

Seniors that medically qualify for PACE and have service providers in their state can apply for coverage through their state’s Access website or by contacting their local government office of aging or senior services.