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Providing At Home Care is a Big Job

For many people, the question of how to best care for elderly relatives is a difficult one and providing at home care seems impossible.  Nursing homes, unless you can afford the very expensive fees for a nice privately run home, often don’t provide the level of care that many elderly patients require.  Nursing homes are crowded and staff members are overworked.  As a result patients are overlooked unless they are loud and obnoxious.  Making the decision to provide at home care is a big one and determining who will be the primary care giver is an even bigger decision.  For many families providing at home care is a big adjustment and they need the services of a private care giver to make the situation workable.  There are several things to consider before deciding on a care giver in an at home care situation. 

  • What will a private care giver cost?
  • Is my domicile suitable to provide at home care, or what changes do I need to make?
  • What is the expected duration of the at home care?
  • What level of care giver will be needed?

All of these questions will need to be answered before an at home care situation can begin.  In most cases a private care giver will have to be paid for out of pocket whether this is for senior care or medical care for someone for a short period of time.  Most insurance companies will not cover much in the way of at home care.  Additional costs to keeping an elderly relative at home can be in needed renovations.  If the elderly relative is wheelchair bound, at the very least an access ramp will need to be put in.  Looking after someone in the short-term is very different in the long-term.  It can be physically, mentally and emotionally exhausting, caring for an elderly person.  Many people don’t realize the extent of the required care until they are in the situation where care must be provided.  Be very honest about the ability of your family to cope with the situation long-term and have a back-up plan in place to at least provide temporary vacations from the overwhelming responsibility.  Take the plunge and hire some kind of regular private care giver.  Yes, there is an added expense, but saving your sanity makes it worth every penny.  Contact your local home care agency for more specific information.