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Senior Home Care Services as an Alternative to Nursing Homes

A nursing home like this one is sometimes less flexible with residents than home caregivers can be

The type of senior services offered through homecare agencies have become much more flexible than in the past.  If a loved one is aging and needs additional help that a family cannot provide, homecare agencies may be able to help.  The senior services home care agencies offer today can delay the need for traditional nursing home care for many seniors.

Home Healthcare Agency Services

Due to the increasing number of seniors, the demand for more flexible home care options has increased.  Home healthcare agencies have been around for a ling time, but today they are offering more services to seniors.  Many homecare agencies now offer services beyond visiting nurses and home health aides.

Many homecare agencies offer senior services such as:

  • Housekeeping
  • Laundry
  • Transportation
  • Home Monitoring
  • Errands
  • Home repairs
  • Companionship

While Medicare or health insurance does not cover these tasks, they can be invaluable to a senior who prefers to remain in their own home instead of an assisted living facility or traditional nursing home.  These seniors that are not totally independent on their own, with help from a homecare agency, can remain as independent as possible

Homecare agencies may work with a senior in place of or with a family caregiver.  This can help relieve the caregiver of some of the more mundane or time-consuming daily tasks that a senior may need help with.  This can relieve much of the stress a family caregiver would normally experience.  Many states do not license homecare agencies as long as they do not provide medical services.  Here is a list of homecare state licensing requirements

Hiring a Home Care Agency

Anytime a senior or their family plans to hire a homecare agency or an independent care provider they should do research whomever they plan to hire.  Be cautious before hiring any homecare agency or individual caregiver.  There are basic precautions to take to prevent elder fraud or abuse.

  • Ask for references and follow up on them
  • Perform background checks on individuals if not hired through an agency or if the agency does not perform background checks.
  • Call the state’s licensing authority or better business bureau to research complaints against an agency

Homecare agencies can be an immense help to seniors that want to live independently in their own homes as they age.  Today, the variety of senior services available can alleviate many of the difficulties healthy seniors have had to overcome to remain in their homes and communities.  They can also be a blessing to families overwhelmed with the responsibilities of caregiving.  Homecare agencies most importantly provide families with peace of mind that their loved one remains safe as well as independent.