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The Advantages of In Home Care Services

In recent years, there has been a shift in adult care. Many primary caregivers have been forced to look elsewhere for help due to their work schedules and financial commitments. With this trend continuing to grow, in home care services have become a virtual necessity for some seeking adult care.

For those who are not comfortable with the idea of living in a nursing home or retirement facility, in home care services can offer a cheaper and more comfortable alternative. In home care services will appeal to those who need assisted living but prefer to live in their own home.

Some advantages of in home care services:

In Home Care Services Are Cheaper Than Nursing Facilities

The average annual cost of adult care for a single person in a nursing facility is $69,719. The annual cost for assisted living facility residents, by comparison, is $36,372. If you're looking for only part time non medical home care services, the figure drops even lower: 20 hour a week companionship care has an average annual cost of $18,000.

There is a Great Amount of Flexibility with In Home Care Services

Unlike nursing facilities, the cost of in home care services depends on your needs. In home care services can offer adult care as simple as companionship a few days a week or as in depth as 24-hour emergency care. With this kind of flexibility, virtually anyone can find something that fits their needs and budget.

In Home Care Services Help Maintain Independence

In home care services give older adults the chance to continue to function in their normal surroundings, which cuts out any possible issues that may arise from relocation to a nursing facility.

Patients Who Choose In Home Care Services Can Remain a Part of Their Community

Remaining at home also allows older adults to continue to be a part of their local community. They can still interact with neighbors, family and friends with little to no hassle if they seek adult care at home.

Non Medical In Home Care Services are Lower than Medical Ones

Since non-medical caregivers do not need to be accountable for medical procedures like injections or wound treatment, their hourly rates tend to be lower than their medical counterparts. This is great to know if you are only looking for non medical in home care. For more specific figures, be sure to check our page on the costs of in home care.

If you are concerned about the high price of nursing home care, in home care services provide a great alternative for adult care. Receiving help from home also helps maintain a sense of normalcy that would be lost by moving into a nursing facility. In addition, if you or your loved one just need part-time help, in home care services can tailor their options to meet your needs.

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