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Tips and Advice for Picking an Assisted Living Facility

When looking for an assisted living facility, it is important that both services and staff be to your liking. Remember that, in addition to services, how the staff interacts with residents and how residents interact together are important criteria to consider when choosing an assisted living facility (sometimes called sheltered housing, board and care or residential care).

There are other questions you should ask or think about when choosing an assisted living facility. What follows are some questions you should ask or think about when considering the staff and the residents of an assisted living facility.

Questions to consider for assisted living facility staffers

  • How does the staff handle emergencies?
  • How does the staff speak to you? Do they sound rushed? Do you feel rushed?
  • How does the staff interact with other residents? Does staff interact with other residents warmly?
  • Does the staff seem genuinely interested in you?

Questions to consider for assisted living residents

  • Do the residents look like they like interacting with each other?
  • Do the people there seem interesting to you? Would you like to get to know them?
  • Do residents seem happy?
  • Are there any ongoing activities or groups that interest you?

In addition to asking yourself or others questions in regards to assisted living facility residents and staff. You should ask yourself these questions as they will help you figure out what your preferences are.

Does the residence seem cozy?

When you visit the assisted living facility, does it feel like it could be a home? Will the environment of a small residence be comfortable to you? What about a residence with a lot of people? Each environment carries pros and cons. And how is the outside of the residence? Does it have a garden or paths for walking?

How does the social environment feel?

Make sure to take note of the environment within the facility. Do you like the activities that are offered and are any of them something you already do? If you find a different activity, do they have a service that helps you get to it? Do you want a facility that has a gym, media room, library or other?

Other considerations you may want to think about are, “how is the food?” and “how are health problems handled?”.

Most importantly, for any assisted living facility that are considering, make sure they are in compliance with local and state licensing requirements. Another step you can take with any facility you may go with is to check the Better Business Bureau for any complaints that have been lodged against the facility.

Do you have advice for picking an assisted living facility? Tell us in the comments.  Find the right assisted living facility for you.