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Tips for Adjusting to an Assisted Living Facility

You’ve finally made a choice about your new assisted living facility or you are in the process. The next stop in this process is moving into your new assisted living facility. It can be stressful to begin this transition, in addition to meeting new people and adjusting to a new senior living facility, you may also be feeling some grief at the idea of leaving your home and losing a bit of your Independence.

To help your transition go well, follow these tips:

Pack your home in advance
Packing a home can be stressful, not only that but you are bound to have many pieces of furniture, clothing, keepsakes and so on that you will need to decide what to do with. Don’t procrastinate on packing for your move to an assisted living facility, it could lead to hasty decision making you’ll regret later.

Stay busy
Use your transition time to begin socializing at the facility you’ll be staying in. Meet residents, join in on activities and imagine living at the facility you’ve decided to stay at.

Prepare yourself
Read all the material connected to your new assisted living facility. Learn about meal times, medical assistance and all the other things connected to your new home. Make sure to get answers to any questions you have too.

Go easy on yourself
Remember that moving means change and every deals with changes differently. So if you are having a hard time with the transition remember the golden rule, ”go easy on yourself.” If things are really hard for you, remember to speak to a trusted friend or family members.

After the move and even during the move, it may help to involve friends and family with your transition to an assisted living facility. Here are some tips for getting others involved with the transition process you’ll be going through.

How to get others involved with your transition

  • Ask them to help you sorting, packing and moving
  • Invite them to talk to you about the concerns you have about transitioning
  • Invite your family and/or friends to help you personalize your new living space
  • Set-up times for them to visit and call after you move

Keep these tips in mind when you are transitioning to a new assisted living facility. It will help you have a positive transition that can combat any grief you may feel. Have you experienced the transition experience of moving to an assisted living facility? Tell us in the comments section.