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Types of Home Health Care

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Home health care can provide all the necessary care for a senior.  Often the care needed by a senior is very specific and the care of an untrained professional is not enough.  In light of such a fact there are a number of home elderly home care workers that can better assist a senior should he or she need more specific care that can be provided via a home health care agency.  Elderly home care workers come from a range of backgrounds and offer both medical and non-medical care.  Typically a home health care agency will maintain a wide variety of elderly home care services so that a senior’s needs can be met as he or she gets older and more issues arise. Prices may vary with the type of elderly home care, but a senior will receive the help that he or she needs from an acredited home health care agency. The most common types of elderly home care workers include:

  • Nursing - Specialized nursing care decided by the home care system based on a patient’s past medical history. Nurses serve to treat a patient’s medical needs and/or teach the main caregivers how to use medical equipment necessary for treatment.  Nurses provide in-depth medical treatment including allocation/monitoring of medication, monitoring vitals and symptoms, and the cleaning/dressing of any wounds
  • Therapy - Therapists are medical workers who specialize in rehabilitation. Therapy services apply to a patient’s need for strengthening themselves after an injury or progressive disease.
  • Occupation Therapy - Similar to therapy, but geared towards teaching a patient as to how better live independently without the need for additional care.
  • Homecare Aide - Homecare Aides are elderly home care assistants who help clients with their daily routines including bathing, cleaning, transportation, and cooking.
  • Companionship/Homemaking - This includes the services of professionals who provide non-medical care such as house chores as well maintaining a steady social relationship with clients.