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Types of Home Healthcare Services

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It can be rather confusing to try and figure out exactly what type of home healthcare services your ageing parent may need. Believe it or not, there are quite a lot of home healthcare services available when it comes to hiring a person or agency to provide for the needs of an ill or ageing individual. Many of these options such as adult day care or a companion can actually be found for free through insurance or community programs.

The adult day care programs are amazing programs that are put together specifically for senior citizens. Many adult day care programs can be found at the local nursing homes where  they provide activities for the aging individual in order to help keep them as active as possible. These adult day care programs provide a place for the senior citizens to go and socialize with other people their age and provide a little bit of relief for their caretaker while still trying to work on keeping the senior citizens as sharp as possible. According to the National Adult Day Services Association, the most recent survey shows that there are well over 4600 adult day care facilities providing care to 150,000 individuals daily. In addition to that, the report also showed the following:

  • Nearly 78% of the established centers operate on a not for profit status.
  • 70 percent of adult day centers are affiliated with larger organizations such as home care, skilled nursing facilities, medical centers, or multi-purpose senior organizations.
  • The average age of recipients is 72.
  • Two-thirds of people that use these services are women.

Different Programs Available

There are also companion programs available. These companion programs assign a “companion” to a senior citizen. The companion program works for a lot of individuals by simply providing them with someone to interact with. Many senior citizens begin to feel separated from the rest of the world because they have often reached an age where many of their friends have moved on or passed away and a lot of family may not have the extra time to spend with them. The companion programs basically provide senior citizens with a friend that will come over and spend time with them. Do not discount these programs. Many senior citizens are prone to depression for they tend to feel like they are less needed in the world. The companion program gives them something to look forward to, and allows them an outlet to channel their thoughts.

Home healthcare services provide quite a large range of programs. Some are as simple as providing a friend or a place to go for senior citizens while other home healthcare services actually provide you with the medical attention you need. If you are interested in trying to find out which home healthcare services may be the right fit for you or your loved one make sure that you do your research on the various options available and visit with several providers before choosing the one that you hire. You can begin your research by finding an agency near you.