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What Are the Advantages of In Home Care?

In home care provides a myriad of advantages by receiving caregiving at home. Being able to live in the home you love is one significant advantage of in home care. When AARP surveyed American seniors, an astounding eighty-nine percent said they preferred to age at home as long as possible. In addition to being able to age at home, in home care offers many additional advantages.

Some of the advantages of in home care include:

  • Flexibility: In home care is the most flexible type of care available for your loved one. Caregiving can easily be customized and tailored to your loved one’s needs.
  • Cost: When compared with other types of caregiving, in home care is generally the most cost efficient. One reason is because of the flexible nature of in home care. Caretakers can easily customize the amount and type of caregiving needed.
  • Easy access: In home care lets friends and family easily visit your elderly loved one in the same home they are accustomed to visiting. For family members living in the same home of your elderly love one, they can continue to live together with in home care.
  • Independence: In home care can give your loved one a sense of independence.
  • Comfort: Because in home care takes place in your elderly loved one’s home, he or she can have full access to the convenience and comforts of home.
  • Less stressful: Being in a different environment or having to move can cause tremendous amount of stress on your elderly loved one, especially when he or she is ill. Since caretakers provide all caregiving in your loved one’s home, he or she will not have to face unnecessary stress.
  • No hassle: Since caregiving is provided in the home, there is no hassle having to pack or sell the house with in home care.
  • Companionship: With in home care, your elderly loved one will usually have the same care giver throughout his or her care. The amount of time shared with the care giver through caregiving can lead to friendship and bonding.
  • Help in rehabilitation: Caregiving is easily customized with in home care so your elderly loved one can easily participate and receive help in activities he or she is able to perform.  Increased activities can be beneficial in rehabilitation.
  • Safety: As aging can weaken the immune system, in home care may be a safer option for your loved one as there is less exposure to infections and viruses compared to large hospitals and intuitions.

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