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What Are the Advantages of Receiving Home Health Care?

Making a decision as to the type of care an elderly person needs, such as assisted living or more specifically at home health care, is never easy.  However, as people get older they may need the kind of assistance that only the consistent help of a trained professional can provide.  The standard for elderly assisted living has been nursing home care, but that in no way means that it is the best solution.  Advances in medical technology and geriatric care have made home assisted living care a great alternative to nursing home care.  At home health care provides all of the assisted living services of a nursing home in the comfort of one’s home.  The main advantage of at home care is the fact that senior patients receive the medical treatment that they need in the comfort of their own home. Many senior patients do not like the idea of living in a nursing home. Senior at home health care allows patients to receive the care they need all the while not making them feel as if they are being forced to live in a nursing home.  The emotional well being of a senior at home health care patient is just as important as the medical and/or non-medical treatment that he or she is receiving.
So, why choose home care over nursing home care?

  • Financial - According to a survey on the Cost of Care by John Hancock senior at home health care, on average, is less expensive than other assisted living options. At home health care cuts out a large portion of the costs from a standard nursing home. 
  • Quality of Care - At home health care allows for a patient to receive one-on-one attention and for more personalized assisted living care.  Often, in nursing homes a caregiver has to attend to many patients throughout the day and thus is not always able to give a patient the care that he or she needs.
  • Independence - Due to the more personalized treatment of at home health care, patients are often able to receive more specialized assisted living care.  This specialized care often includes occupational therapy in which seniors are trained/given the tools necessary to live as self-reliant as possible.

Additional Advantages

  • At home health care can help to prevent or postpone nursing home care
  • A health care plan structured such that assisted living care is constantly updated/tailored to an elderly client’s needs
  • A home health care better integrates family care.  Families are better able to spend time with a person in need of assisted living if he or she is receiving at home health care than they would be able to if the patient was in a nursing home. 
  • At home health care reduces anxiety.  The patients are treated in the comfort of their own home thus eliminating the stress of having to move to an alien environment such as a nursing home. 

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