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What Is Senior In Home Care?

With in home care, a care giver provides caregiving in the comfort of home. Does your elderly loved one find it increasingly more difficult to take care of every day needs? In home care (also referred as Senior home care) is a wide array of services that help meet those needs by providing care in the home of the senior. This means with in home care, seniors can receive caregiving and help they need from a care giver without having to move into a nursing home.

In home care is a popular option for many seniors who need caregiving. Today’s seniors value their independence and prefer to age at home. According to AARP, eighty-nine percent of Americans want to stay in their homes as long as possible. With the growing senior population and their desire to stay home, the demand for in home care is growing fast. Because of its rapid growth, the terminology for “in home care” has many variations that may cause confusion. In home care can also be called homecare, at home care, private duty, and other variations. These terms all describe providing caregiving by a care giver in the home of the senior.

In home care is flexible since caregiving is provided at the home of the senior, and can be easily adjusted to different needs. This flexibility also means seniors already living in nursing homes or retirement communities can benefit from in home care if they would like additional caregiving such as companionship.

Services Offered

Depending on the in home care needs of the senior, typical caregiving includes meal preparation, medication reminders, laundry, housekeeping, errands, shopping, and transportation. For seniors who need medical care, the care giver can provide skilled medical caregiving such as administering medication, dressing wounds, and monitoring vital signs.  The type of care giver for medical caregiving are typically licensed nurses and other skilled medical personnel. To differentiate the different type of care, there are two types of in home care. One is medical in home care, which provides medical caregiving. The medical care giver generally provides medical care but minimal care with everyday living such as housekeeping and meal preparation. The other type of in home care is non medical in home care. This type of caregiving provides extensive help with everyday living but the care giver does not provide medical care.

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