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What Type of Home Care Do You Need?

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Home Care has become a perfect solution for providing in care at home for people who need it the most, but do not wish to be checked into an institution. There are several ways that home healthcare is provided to the senior citizens in need of this specialized form of care. The in home care that some individuals need is not necessarily medically related. Sometimes all an elderly person needs is a little bit of companionship, and they can be well on their way to having all of the in home care they need.  No matter what you choose, you can get many different services.

Home care comes in two major categories: medical careand non-medical.

Medical Care

The medical in home care is what the majority of people think of when they hear the term home healthcare. It is when a certified medical professional comes directly to your home to provide you with any treatment that you may need so that you do not have to return to the hospital. This medical home healthcare may mean that you need in home care to treat a wound, watch your vitals or even just help you with therapy.


Non-Medical Care

Non-medical home care is not on a medical basis. It is when an individual may need some in home care, but it is not medically necessary. There are lots of sitters, companions or semi-professional medically trained individuals that will come and provide in home care to individuals that need assistance with everyday chores. These companions will come to your home, clean your house, cook your meals, do your grocery shopping or maybe just sit and spend time with you or provide you reminders about your medications and doctors appointments. These home healthcare individuals come to make sure the assistance you need is provided, but they may not necessarily be certified professionals.


There are many options for when it comes to in home care. It can be rather difficult to try and figure out which exact care that your loved one may need or desire.  If you'd like, you can get a further breakdown of the differences between medical and non-medical care.  To find agencies near you, contact a home care agency today.