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What is Senior Home Health Care?

As people get older they may need more help with their day to day errands and at some point may even need the kind of help that only a senior home health care provider can provide.  In the event that a senior is hurt medical assistance on a more regular basis may become a necessity.  If such a situation should arise home health care can provide a solution.  Home health care is when a medical care provider is hired to watch over/care for a senior in the comfort of a senior’s home.  Home health care workers come from a wide variety of backgrounds, but all of them have to have to have the proper accreditation necessary to give the patients the care they need.  The home health care care providers under the employment of home health care include registered nurses (RNs), therapists, home health care aides, and even homemakers/companions. 

Types of Home Care

There are two main types of home health care: medical care and non-medical.  Senior medical home health care is when a senior needs the assistance of a medical care provider in order to receive proper medical care and would like to receive said care in the comfort of his or her own home.  This applies to seniors  who have had an accident such a broken bone, patients who have a progressive medical issue such as cerebral palsy, or patients who need therapeutic help such as relearning motor skills after a stroke. Senior non-medical home health care is when care providers are hired to assist a senior in his or her home and help with chores, transportation, and sometimes just to  keep a senior company.  Senior non-medical home health care usually does not include personal duties such as bathing, wound dressing, and the allotment of medication.  If you'd like to find out more, use our free service today to find the right type of care!