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In Home Care Services: A Look At Senior Assisted Living

In home care services offered with senior assisted living are something that should be seriously considered as your loved one gets older. While the concept of senior assisted living is nothing new now, there was a time when in home care services were not as widely utilized for mainstream use.

About Assisted Living

Senior assisted living as most people know it emerged in the 1990s as an in home option for the elderly. For many of the individuals, independent living simply wasn’t appropriate, but they also didn’t require 24 hour a day in home care services by a professional, either. Senior assisted living provided the best of both worlds of in home care services, giving clients care as well as promoting their independence and dignity.

While there isn’t a nationally recognized definition of assisted living, the in home care services are regulated and licensed at the US state level. More than two thirds of the country uses the term “senior assisted living”, and others use it as a philosophy for a number of other in home care services.

In Home Services

If staying at home isn’t an option but you want all of the comfort that provides, nurse homes are available as well. The types of layouts and buildings that these senior assisted living centers provides differs greatly in some places. In home care services in these facilities range from small residential houses to large complexes designed for hundreds of residents. No matter the size of the senior assisted living building, though, each resident usually has their own private apartment to call home. Some also may not have monitoring equipment as standard for all residents since they might not need it, but just about all of the in home care services for them have a full staff that is ready to help your loved one when needed.

For more information on senior assisted living and other in home care services, contact your local agency