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About Caring For A Senior is committed to making in-home care accessible to all care seekers. We do this by providing informative articles and resources that can help you understand the options available to you in a time of need. And once you're ready to seek care assistance, we offer a directory of nearby care providers.

What is In-Home Care?

In home care services can provide the elderly and their families an affordable option to help seniors maintain their independence while ensuring their safety and comfort.  Aging is a gradual process, as time passes most people will experience increasing difficulty doing the tasks once completed with ease or without much thought.   Perhaps they postpone appointments or stop cleaning the house as often as they once did.  Over time more little things get left undone- a light bulb goes months without being replaced or notice mail begins to pile up on a table somewhere.   

Assisting an elderly family member or friend with these simple daily tasks may be too much for caretakers to handle reliably, or the elderly family member needs assistance temporarily while the family caregiver is away.  There are agencies that provide these non medical home care services for seniors and their families.  Most companies that provide these services can be found in the yellow pages or through an internet search for home health services.  They are typically listed alongside agencies that also provide medical in home services.

In home care services vary as much as the clients and patients they are designed to assist.  Some of the common non medical home care services commonly provided are:

Transportation to and from appointments

Light housekeeping duties

Meal preparation

Grocery shopping and other errands


Hygiene and grooming


Respite for family caregivers

Types of Home Care

There are many types of in home care services- from live in caregivers to non medical home care services provided on an as needed basis through a home health services provider.   Hiring help to provide consistent non medical home care can enable an elderly person to remain in his or her own home longer, if desired, rather than moving into an assisted living facility or nursing home.  Home care services can also provide family members piece of mind that their elderly family member is able to handle the tasks of daily living without having to be full time caregivers themselves.  

While not the most important factor, cost must be part of the consideration of assisting an aging family member.  Unlike medical in home care services that may be covered by Medicare or Medicaid for a short period of time; the senior’s savings or their family pays for many non medical home care services.   However if in home care services are being provided for an elderly family member that is frail enough that they would need to live in a nursing home, but wish to remain at home there is a Medicare covered program called PACE that may be able to assist finding and paying for all necessary in home care services.  

Fortunately non medical home care is much more affordable than medical in home care services.  According to Department of Health and Human Services non medical home care services cost a fraction of what a nursing home or assisted living facility would cost for the elderly that do not require around the clock care or assistance.

In home care services are a fantastic and much needed option for families struggling to meet the needs of an elderly family member without placing them in a long term care facility.  Find out more about home care services near you today!