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Polk County Health Unit

702 Hornbeck
Mena, AR 71953

Caring for your parent or other elderly relative can be difficult. Many seniors want to continue living with dignity in their own home without having to move into a facility. It's difficult and stressful for a family to try and find the right home care agency for a loved one.

The care at home we provide is best suited toward seniors who would like some assistance in order to keep living in their own homes. Compassionate private duty care can be given to your loved ones when you turn to us. Our caregivers enjoy going out and giving loving care to our clients.

No matter what you or your loved ones need help with, whether it be bathing among other services. Our staff has been trained to give only the best assistance. With the loving care and support our caregivers provide, a special bond is formed between clients and caregivers.

We know you want to be sure that your loved one is receiving the right type of care specific to them. The full range of services we offer lets the senior and his or her family decide which ones are best suited for them. Contact us for a free consultation so we can figure out what kind of plan would work best for you.

Wherever assistance is needed, our staff is available to help. Since our staff is available 24/7, we are available to visit clients whenever they need it.

So contact us today and get the help your loved one needs and deserves!


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