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About Caring For A Senior is committed to making in-home care accessible to all care seekers. We do this by providing informative articles and resources that can help you understand the options available to you in a time of need. And once you're ready to seek care assistance, we offer a directory of nearby care providers.

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CaringForASenior’s services helped me find a home care agency for my mom.  She’s now living comfortably in her own home.
- Sam S., Little Rock, AR
I’m able to get back to work while using the respite care services that we found here.  Life is back to normal!
- Beverly R., Gainesville, FL
Choosing the right home care agency is a tough decision.  CaringForASenior directed me to the perfect care provider for my dad!
- Ricky D., Spokane, WA
After spending hours online trying to find the right home care for my aunt, CaringForASenior showed me exactly what I was looking for.  My aunt is now on a plan where she receives care 6-9 hours a day, depending on how she feels on each given day.
- Jeff P., Stockton, CA
I’m now able to sleep at night knowing that if anything goes wrong with my mom, help is close by, with a 24-hour caregiver always available to help her.
- Betty N., Buffalo, NY
I had no idea what kind of help my dad needed.  After reading the articles on CaringForASenior, I became an expert in home care and my dad is now receiving non-medical home care.  
- David T., Stamford, CT
The right type of care is hard to find.  After reading up on CaringForASenior and requesting more information about an agency, I found exactly what I was looking for.
- Rebecca G., Minneapolis, MN
My mother was recently diagnosed with dementia, but we didn’t want to move her into an assisted living facility.  CaringForASenior’s services helped me find a home care agency that would pay attention to my mother’s needs whenever she needed help.
- Gina O., Helena, MT
After my grandmother’s accident, she could no longer complete activities of daily living like shopping and cooking by herself.  CaringForASenior’s website helped me figure out what kind of helped she needed and directed me to an agency that supplies qualified caregivers that help with these tasks.
- Jordan D., Boise, ID
My father needs constant care, but refused to move out of his house.  We found a wide selection of agencies on CaringForASenior that offered 24-hour live-in caregivers and now he’s happy in his house and receives all the care he needs.
- Jessica C., La Jolla, CA
Both of my parents started to need assistance at home, but one needed more help than the other.  CaringForASenior helped me find care agencies that were flexible in how much care they gave, from anywhere between 2 and 24 hours per day of loving care.
- Thomas H., Tempe, AZ
I had no idea what was wrong with my mom until I found CaringForASenior’s articles and found out that my mom was suffering from Alzheimer’s.  I immediately found a care agency that was able to help her out in her old age.
- Linda N., Arlington, VA
After finding out how expensive retirement communities are, I wondered how in the world I’d pay for my dad’s care.  After reading the articles on CaringForASenior, I discovered that home care was a cheaper option and learned ways of paying for his care.
- Adrian H., Austin, TX